Spring 2009 Curriculum

Spring 2009 Curriculum

All classes all count towards the IAB Certificate in Interactive Advertising, earned after 40 hours of training with the IAB or our approved partners.

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March 17 - Marketing with Social Media and Networks – Taught by Peter Spande, VP Sales at Federated Media
Social media and social networking applications are two of the fastest growing segments of the internet. This class will provide an overview of the major players in the space and successful strategies for leveraging these online communities for marketing purposes. Specifically, it will address:

  • Definition of social media and social networking
  • Ways to advertise on these popular properties
  • Custom apps for social networking sites
  • Other marketing approaches to social media
  • What doesn’t work – experiments that have gone awry

This class is intended for anyone working to understand the breadth of digital marketing opportunities available today through social media. Marketers, agency professionals and publishers will all benefit through learning the fundamentals of this channel in order to take the first steps towards executing and delivering social campaigns.
9 - 11:30 AM, IAB Offices in NYC, $200 / $125 for IAB Members, capacity = 40


 March 25 - Ad Operations for Account Execs – Taught by Ad Ops experts from AOL, New York Times and Univision
Learn and understand the process of operations in online advertising campaigns, including concrete steps that you can take to speed execution and improve the bottom line. Ad Operations for Account Execs explains what the ad ops role is and the key operational issues AE's must focus on when selling to ensure their clients’ campaigns are successful. You will hear strategies for managing the complexity inherent in today’s interactive advertising environment and how to avoid common pitfalls in areas such as targeting, prioritization, and rich media execution. The new IAB Ad Operations best practices will provide a framework for discussion. Plus, real-world case studies will demonstrate the potential dangers of ignoring these critical factors. At the end of the class you will have a new set of tools for structuring RFPs and winning in the marketplace.
9 - 11:30 AM, IAB Offices in NYC, $200 / $125 for IAB Members, capacity = 40


April 16 - Managing Multiple Sales Channels
In today’s environment, marketers are demanding ROI-based advertising and publishers are increasingly pressured to differentiate their offerings. This class will help publishers equip their sales teams with the expertise and ability to go to market with ad packages that capture the full range of marketplace demand. Publishers can capture more advertising dollars by analyzing sales and audience data to create an integrated sales strategy that manages multiple sales channels, brand and performance ad products, inventory bundles, and customer segments across the full range of a publisher’s inventory.

This class, taught by Yahoo’s VP of Inside Sales & Director of Consulting, will address the following issues:

  • Why a shift in outlook from seeing inventory as “premium” and “remnant” to seeing it as a “guaranteed” and “non-guaranteed” marketplace can impact your overall strategy
  • Which performance selling and marketplace strategies extract the most from your full spectrum of inventory
  • How to build the infrastructure to execute this strategy

Targeted at executives responsible for sales, revenue, and operations, this class will give you new frameworks, insights and discussion opportunities to boost the performance of your advertising business.
9AM - 12 Noon, IAB Offices in NYC, $275 / $150 for IAB Members

April 23 - Video Game Advertising Opportunities
Experts from IAB member companies Massive, Sky Works, and Wild Tangent will explore today’s video gaming sector and the exciting marketing potential unlocked by the growth of this entertainment medium. After providing an overview of the video game landscape and up-to-date demographic analysis of the gaming audience, the class will then describe how video game ad campaigns are executed and the kinds of results they can deliver. From display advertising products published “around games” to custom to dynamic ads purchased through a network, and custom-built “adver-games,” you will acquire the information you need to understand how video game advertising works. Case studies of actual campaigns, as well as demonstrations of the range of advertising inventory available, will illustrate the opportunities for exciting and effective marketing campaigns.
9AM - 12 Noon, IAB Offices in NYC, $275 / $150 for IAB Members

May 14 - Metrics 101Understanding and Using Measurement Data
This seminar will teach the basics of online metrics and measurement, and how this environment differs from traditional broadcast or print media in terms of media planning and buying. It will provide an overview of the common metrics used online, including uniques, impressions, and clicks, with the uses for each. Panel-based and server based methodologies will be contrasted, and pros, cons, and issues for each reviewed.

Led by The Nielsen Company, this class can help address the following questions:

  • What are the fundamental terms for online media planning, buying and execution? Get a rich understanding of Internet terms ranging from uniques and reach to impressions and cookies. Compare and contrast to traditional media terms and create an understanding of reach and frequency online.
  • Why is it important to understand the distinctions between panel information, web analytics data and third party ad server information? How do these distinctions impact estimates in the online marketplace?
  • How can publishers and agencies leverage these metrics to help convey a strong value proposition to clients?

Targeted to mid-level and junior ad sales staff and media planners; particularly those transitioning from traditional media to digital landscapes.
9AM - 12 Noon, IAB Offices in NYC, $275 non-members / $150 for IAB Members
Save additional $50 by registering before Friday, May 8
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May 20 - Yield Management Best Practices
Two areas that have significant impact on overall monetization capability are pricing and inventory management, or put another way, Yield Management. For publishers, yield management is an increasingly important area of their businesses as they seek to not only sell more impressions, but also to sell impressions at a higher yield, maximizing revenue. As such, the goal of this program is to help publishers monetize their sites more effectively through the utilization of best practice yield/inventory management and pricing methodologies. The course will present an overview of best practices for product definition, inventory forecasting, rate card development and pricing policies. Participants will gain an understanding of the current state-of-the-art techniques, as well as analytical skills for improving the revenue opportunity on their sites. Taught by James Deaker, Director, Publisher Advisory Services at Microsoft and Andy Atherton, COO of Brand.net
9AM - 1PM, IAB Offices in NYC, $350 non-members / $200 for IAB Members

Save additional $50 by registering before Friday, May 8
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