David Doty sets the stage for an education-packed day at IAB Leadership Forum: UGC & Social Media.; Rich LeFurgy, Tim Kendall, Seth Goldstein, Brett Keintz and Ro Choy discuss how the expansion of social media platforms is changing the UGC landscape.; Pete Blackshaw, Brian Cusack, Cristian Cussen, Brandon Evans and Jory Des Jardins explore managing relationships between brands and consumers who are both using social media to reach goals.; Privacy, expectations, suggestions and more! A group of consumers, each from a different demographic segment, take questions from the audience. ; Go beyond the click to evaluate the success of social media with Aaron Dignan, Alistair Sutcliffe, Cam Balzer, Terri Walter and Rob Crumpler.; Keynote speaker Seth Goldstein describes why brands want a presence in the social media space and how the platforms can accommodate their needs.; Rohit Bhargava, Aaron Lilly, Geoff Reiss, Ian Schafer, and Chad Stoller foresee more advertising utility and technology growth shaping the future.;