IAB AfterFronts - May 15, 2014

All Video Ultimately Will Be Digital –
What Now?

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Is the word “digital” becoming vestigial when we talk about the experience of sight, sound and motion being watched wherever, whenever, and on a myriad of devices?

Consumption of mobile video, Over-the-Top (OTT) and other forms of streaming video is skyrocketing — a recent IAB study* found one-third of Americans own a connected TV, and of those, one-third stream video daily. How do media companies and brands tap into this incredible and growing opportunity to create interactive and memorable experiences?

The IAB Digital Video Marketplace will focus squarely on this question by tapping industry leaders to address the greatest challenges and solutions in the video marketplace.

Sessions include:

  • Creative: What formats for content and ads work best for which viewing experiences?
  • Measurement: What metrics matter in video? Where is the industry on the digital GRP?
  • Transacting: How will programmatic technology impact the buying and selling of video?
  • Case Studies: What Works & Why in Video?

*Source: The Changing TV Experience: Attitudes and Usage Across Multiple Screens