IAB NewFronts Insights Lunch

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Industry thought leaders gathered at the IAB Ad Lab on Wednesday, May 7, during the Digital Content NewFronts for an exclusive lunch showcasing fresh and topical digital video research, case studies, and best practices from IAB members.

For this special invite-only event, IAB curated research from five industry leaders that takes a deep dive into the behavior of the digital video consumer online, on their mobile devices, and through connected TV. Those who attended gained a deeper understanding of not simply how to reach consumers through digital video, but how to move their hearts and minds as well.

Presenters  showcased groundbreaking methodologies and analytical findings, offering strategic recommendations by platform along with easy-to-apply creative tactics.

Presentations included:

BrightLine - Data Driven Rich Media Interactivity in AdvertisingWhy Smart Marketers Need to Explore Connected TV

BrightLine has run over 600 advanced TV campaigns creating the most expansive cross platform library of non traditional viewer behavior data. Actionable insights, that have been systematically extracted from the data, shine a uniquely helpful light on the permanent changes in modern TV viewer behavior that are particularly valuable given the substantial and growing adoption of internet TV viewing. HOW people respond to a rich media interactive ad opportunity, in front of a 60” screen, with a remote control, is a vital piece of the puzzle for understanding where TV fits in today’s connected video ad landscape.

Tremor Video - Understanding the Connected TV Audience 

How many viewers are watching digital video via Connected TV? Who are they? How do their behaviors differ from typical TV viewers’ behaviors? Tremor and Nielsen will present demographic and media (digital and traditional) behavior breakdown of connected television viewers. 

Unruly Media - Valuable Virality: How can brands drive business metrics along with social metrics? 

Why do some ads go viral and others don’t? Just what makes some videos attract millions of online shares, while others barely get into double figures? And, are “viral” videos actually promoting the memorability necessary to drive purchase at POP? Where does distribution strategy fit into all of this? Powered by a proprietary sharing dataset, Unruly has created a new report The Science of Sharing 2014 which examines 15 online videos from Super Bowl XLVIII, aired on February 2, 2014, to uncover why some ads performed well online and others missed the mark.

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Visible Measures - The Growth of Branded Video and Future of Video

The Branded Video Report is an annual study of the branded video universe released by Visible Measures. The research aims to show not only how branded video has grown since 2009, but also to highlight what we can learn about trends in video creative and consumer viewing habits.

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YuMe - Shift Happens. Defining Industry Guidelines for Shifting TV Budgets to Digital Video

YuMe and Nielsen have partnered to demonstrate to the marketplace the key scenarios where shifting TV dollars into digital video platforms can improve campaign performance by expanding beyond campaign-level share-shifts to industry-wide best practices. The study utilizes Nielsen's fused TV and online panels and 12 representative TV + digital video campaign scenarios to derive industry level guidelines on shift opportunity and performance. This study helps to establish a foundation for best practices in planning TV and digital video holistically.

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