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The IAB Annual Leadership Meeting is the central venue for senior voices in the advertising-publishing-technology ecosystem to discuss and debate building a profitable future for marketing and media.

In 2014 participants tackle how organizations must transform their strategy, structure, and capabilities to be successful in an industry that has gone through—and continues to go through—seismic shifts.

This is the only event that calls upon leaders from across the full marketing and media ecosystem to be participants, leading town hall forums about the most pressing issues.

The program is structured around five critically important areas.

  • Building Brands Digitally: Enabling Strategy, Big Data, and Creativity to Work Together
    Will there ever be a digital equivalent of the :30 that touches hearts and minds of consumers?
  • Moving Mobile Mainstream
    What is required for advertisers and publishers to maximize the value of mobile experiences and platforms?
  • Publisher Transformation: Programmatic, Native…and Beyond
    Does paid media still matter or is it all about experiences?
  • Making Measurement Make Sense: Getting to a Transactable Cross-Media Currency
    When will all media be allocated and valued using common metrics?
  • Creating a Trustworthy Digital Advertising Supply Chain
    What will it take to create a transparent and safe marketplace for digital advertising and marketing transactions?


- This event is SOLD OUT -

2013 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting Highlights

More than 850 digital thought leaders came together to drive the industry forward February 24-26, 2013 at the Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix for the sold-out IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. Focused on the theme “Big Data & Big Ideas: Friends, Enemies, or Frenemies?” the speakers and participants took on one of the hottest topics in advertising. View the 2013 highlights.