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Digital Advertising Leaders Converge: 2014 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting



IAB Annual Leadership Meeting: Day Three Highlights

The 7th IAB Annual Leadership Meeting opened with Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, preparing attendees for the brilliant conversations and thought-provoking speakers of the last morning of this weighty event.

Jack Haber, Vice President, Global Advertising & Digital, CP Colgate-Palmolive Company, addressed the mobile marketing challenge—one of the core commitments Rothenberg made for the IAB is to unlock the value of mobile. “There is a big gap in mobile marketing,” he said. Not only in terms of money, but in what marketers need and need to do to capitalize on the opportunity it presents. Mobile is an “opportunity to connect with everyone, everywhere in the world.” More people have mobile phones than toothbrushes in the world. It’s imperative for marketers to integrate mobile deeply into campaigns. So what’s the hold up? Haber presented a top 10 list of reasons and excuses, including, “What’s the ROI?,” “The agency didn’t put it in the plan,” and “I can’t afford it.”  Solutions he offered included agencies always including mobile in campaigns. Stop thinking of mobile as mobile; a lot of mobile usage is in the home. Stop thinking of it as a device; devices change, it’s a context. It’s time to re-image mobile, he said. 

Darren Herman, Vice President, Content Services, Mozilla, took the stage noting that in many ways the IAB and Mozilla are not very different. The two organizations pride themselves in putting the user first. They both want transparency through trust and believe that is the only way to push the industry forward. Herman focused his talk on three of the IAB five strategic pillars he sees key to Mozilla’s growth and success—Publisher Transformation, Moving Mobile Mainstream, and a Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain. Herman emphasized that Mozilla is a mission-driven non-profit and it truly can act on its mission without the need to be profit driven. They want to work with IAB and its members and extend an olive branch to the industry to work together to achieve common goals.

Then the tables turned. Attendees took to the stage to report most resonant ideas shared and issues debated in the previous day’s town halls to Rothenberg, new IAB Board Chair Vivek Shah, and other industry leaders in the audience. Topics included: Quality, Trust, and Validation: Can We Prevent Big Data from Becoming Digital Advertising's Achilles Heel?; Unlocking Value: How Can the Ecosystem Fully Leverage the Mobile Opportunity?; The Programmatic Reality: How Can We Structure People, Processes, and Technology for Success?; Fraud and Piracy: Can We Fix the Open Digital Advertising Supply Chain?; and The Viewability Switch is Flipped; How Do We Do Business Now?. The major learnings from each town hall will directly inform that IAB agenda, harnessing the combined insights from everyone in attendance to create positive change for the industry.

As is tradition, The Great Debate, where industry leaders are called upon to argue tough points, closed the show.  The hot button topic of the day: native advertising will fail—because of potential issues like stream blindness and the erosion of consumer trust—unless the industry can work to save it. Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB, set the tone by giving an overview of the findings of the IAB Native Advertising Task Force that are contained in the recently released IAB Native Advertising Playbook. Terence Kawaja, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, LUMA Partners, moderated the heated discussion. Expert debaters took on the following counterpoints.

  1. Banner blindness will become stream blindness
    Counterpoint: Ken Willner, Chief Executive Officer, Zumobi
  1. Agencies cannot create the volume and quality of native content necessary to populate every native ad
    Counterpoint: Baba Shetty, Chief Strategy and Media Officer, DigitasLBi North America
  2. Pressure to lower the wall between editorial and advertising will erode consumer trust
    Counterpoint: Meredith Levien, Executive Vice President of Advertising, The New York Times Co.
  3. Native advertising will not only implode, but it will kill social media as well
    Counterpoint: Brian Boland, Vice President, Ad Products, Monetization and Atlas, Facebook
  4. The most effective native advertising is by definition custom, which must be hand created and cannot be automated
    Counterpoint: Dan Greenberg, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer, Sharethrough

The 2014 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting challenged the industry to step up and work together to solve the most critical issues inhibiting the growth of digital advertising. Attendees spoke their minds and keynote speakers inspired new ideas and ignited action—together it made for a memorable conference that will drive conversation and industry issues throughout 2014 with an eye toward 2020. 

Stay tuned to this space for updates, recaps, photos, and videos as the 2014 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting commences.

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