Advertising Technology: IAB Marketplace - July 15, 2013
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IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace
Spotlight: Programmatic

In the ever-evolving advertising universe, technology has never been more important, or more prominent. The impact of programmatic marketing, at its core, is the power to raise quality for consumers, advertisers, publishers, and everyone in between.

The 2014 IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace, Spotlight: Programmatic is the only conference where business and technology come together to focus on the seismic shifts programmatic has created within the marketplace. Industry policies and best practices will be debated and shared. Buyers come together with sellers to work towards the common goal of increasing efficiency, safety, and ROI through automated buying and selling.

Participants will enjoy unparalleled networking, insightful keynote presentations, deep-dive workshops and interactive town-hall discussions, and other topics such as:

  • Bringing Brands into Automated Advertising
    Discover what big brands still need in order to fully adopt a programmatic solution into their overall advertising strategy
  • Fraud and the Trustworthy Supply Chain
    Learn how you can help create a safe, automated ecosystem for buyers, sellers, consumer, and everyone in between
  • Programmatic and the Automation of Workflow
    Creating a seamless transacting experience to reduce delays and discrepancies across the industry
  • Programmatic & the Creation of the Chief Data Officer
    Charting the future of marketing, the marketer-agency-publisher relationship, and the technology that brings them together


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