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IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace
Spotlight: Programmatic

Forget about efficiency, quantity, tonnage, and the race to the bottom—the power of advertising technology is, at its core, the power to raise quality for consumers, advertisers, publishers, and everyone in between. Programmatic isn’t antithetical to premium. Technology is not in opposition to creativity. It’s time to, once and for all, put aside the petty pugilism that pits man against machine in marketing.

The 2014 IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace focuses on how the industry leverages its most important tools to be an enabler of bigger and better business for all.

8:00 AM

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8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Networking Breakfast

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9:00 AM - 9:20 AM

Opening Remarks: On the Intersection of Business and Technology

Scott Cunningham, Vice President, Technology, IAB
Randall Rothenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, IAB

9:20 AM - 9:50 AM

Data, Programmatic and the Rise of the Chief Data Scientist

Data sits squarely at the center of advertising world. As a result, agencies must evolve their core competencies to serve as consultants, helping brands navigate the flood of data to discover both optimal insights and transactional efficacy. See how Mindshare and GroupM are partnering with clients to do just that.

Jordan Bitterman Bob Ivins
Jordan Bitterman
 Chief Strategy Officer,
Bob Ivins
 Chief Data Officer,
Mindshare North America

9:50 AM - 10:15 AM

How is Programmatic Changing the Way We Do Business?

As most media buys now take place in real-time, organizations are finding new ways to build out the right sales force to manage how media is transacted. Two media company executives provide an inside look at the future of digital advertising.

Robert Brett, Vice President, Programmatic Sales, Viacom Media Networks
Alanna Gombert, Head, Digital Sales, Condé Nast & and General Manager, CatalystDesk

Jay Sears, Senior Vice President, Marketplace Development, Rubicon Project

10:15 AM - 10:45 AM

Mechanization Meets Marketing

Bob Lord
Bob Lord
 Global Chief Executive Officer,
AOL Platforms

10:45 AM - 11:15 AM

Networking Refreshment Break

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11:15 AM - 12:15 PM


Deep-Dive Track Sessions

Dig into the topics that matter most to your business objectives.

Building Brands with Programmatic
Room 402, 4th Floor
Premium Programmatic
Room 404, 4th Floor
The Future of Programmatic
Room 406, 4th Floor
Explore how brands evaluate and adopt automated buying methods to increase brand messaging and consumer engagement by using larger creative sizes and still optimize performance in real time. Discover how publishers can make the most of automated systems to enrich partnerships and enhance the value of their content. What does the future of programmatic look like for buyers and sellers? How do companies plan to combine new and old world programmatic with performance oriented RTB, and what growth opportunities still exist?

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Visible Measures

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11:15 AM - 11:45 AM

Optimizing Native Advertising for Brand Engagement

Native advertising excels in delivering brand engagement and impact but there is a lack of direct measures used to optimize and ensure consistent brand-relevant outcomes.  The promise of programmatic is its ability to filter millions of options and optimize outcomes in real-time. While numerous case studies prove the power of optimization algorithms in standard display formats, there is far less evidence of its power in emerging native formats.

Explore how buy and sell side partners can plan and optimize native video formats to create clear applications within the programmatic space.

Seraj Bharwani, Chief Analytics Officer, Visible Measures
RTB: How Publishers Can Price as Smart as Buyers are Bidding
Major publishers have embraced real time bidding (RTB) and demand via open market exchanges, but are they implementing strategies to ensure that they are deriving the highest value for their impressions? Are they adapting to the dynamics and sophistication of the programmatic marketplace? Are they running the market or is the market running them? Learn the strategies being employed by publishers who are successfully maximizing their yield in the open market.
Alex Gardner, Vice President, Platform Solutions, Index by Casale Media
Shifting Perceptions on Programmatic

Since emerging several years ago, programmatic advertising has evolved tremendously. Because of this relatively rapid evolution, some perception about the industry—its value proposition, participants, and general capabilities—are muddled or outdated. This session clarifies industry perceptions, and sheds light on the realities of today's programmatic, including how it has matured to serve both publishers and advertisers across campaign objectives, ad formats, and devices.
Dennis Buchheim, Vice President, Advertising & Marketplace Product Management, Yahoo

11:45 AM - 11:50 AM

Five Minute Walk Time

11:50 AM - 12:15 PM

Automating Premium Ad Sizes

Creating a bigger canvas for brands while automating buying methods for increased optimization.

Rob Cromer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Adcade

Alanna Gombert, Head, Digital Sales, Condé Nast & General Manager, CatalystDesk
How Business Comes Together with Technology

Weighing the pros and cons of moving premium publishers to a programmatic environment.

Arturo Duran, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital First Media

Jeremy Hlavacek, Vice President, Programmatic, The Weather Company

Carl Kalapesi, Director, Industry Initiatives, IAB
Programmatic and the Automation of Workflow

What does the future look like for digital buying and selling? Hear from Co-Chairs of the OpenRTB Working Group and Digital Advertising Automation Task Force on initiatives in place to create better business processes through high performing technology.

Geoff Petkus, Vice President, Product Innovation, Operative

Bill Simmons, Ph.D., Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, DataXu

12:15 PM - 1:15 PM

Networking Luncheon
Times Square Ballroom

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1:15 PM - 1:45 PM


Delivering Demographic Accuracy
Room 402, 4th Floor
The Power of the Platform
Room 404, 4th Floor
Sell Your Brand Programmatically
Room 406, 4th Floor
As brands continue transitioning budgets to online display and video, demographic targeting has never been more important. While advertisers and publishers can rely on many different solutions to deliver demographic targeting, the results of these solutions can differ widely and services such as Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) are making those differences apparent. Learn how to maximize demographic accuracy to meet brand campaign goals—from how to evaluate your data vendors, to best practices for executing campaigns.

Matt Clark, Head, Global Publisher Development, Quantcast

Alex Merwin, Vice President, Programmatic and Data Analytics, SpotXchange

The word platform is being thrown around a lot today in the digital video advertising ecosystem. It seems like everyone wants to be called one. As a result, it's now even more difficult to understand which of these companies can most effectively help execute your video advertising strategy while providing the best value and ROI. Equip yourself with the tools and knowledge to better evaluate and determine which ad tech partners to work with based on simplicity, transparency, performance, and efficiency.

Brad Piggott, Vice President, Platform Solutions, North America, BrightRoll

Programmatic buying is creating new opportunities for publishers and advertisers to connect and deliver customized experiences to consumers at scale. Learn how Turner Broadcasting is creating new value for their advertising clients using programmatic and hear about new DoubleClick platform tools that will make programmatic buying even easier.

Jared Lansky, Marketplace Development, Google

Carrie Nicholson, Vice President, Ad Innovation/Programmatic, Turner Broadcasting System

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2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Creating an Industry-Wide Trustworthy Supply Chain

The supply chain by which digital advertising is created, delivered, measured, and optimized is so porous and perilous that it jeopardizes consumer trust and business growth. Along with the 4As and the ANA, IAB has created a larger industry effort to curb fraudulent activity and create a safe digital advertising ecosystem. This session will not only outline the bigger picture, but will take a focused look into four pillars of creating a trustworthy supply chain.

Hear from industry leaders across the space to hear about strategies in place, and the plans ahead, to discover how you can help be a part of the solution.

  1. Fraud
    Ruth Rafalovich, Director of Supply, Rocketfuel
  2. Malware
    Scott Spencer, Director, Product Management, DoubleClick Ad Exchange
  3. Transparency & Brand Safety
    Alanna Gombert, Head, Digital Sales, Condé Nast & General Manager, CatalystDesk
  4. Anti-Piracy
    Wenda Harris Millard, President, Chief Operating Officer, MediaLink

Closing Remarks on Cross-Industry Accountability

Hear the role every player in the ecosystem must take to move toward a trustworthy supply chain.

David Moore, Chairman, Xaxis & President, WPP Digital
Vivek Shah, Chief Executive Officer, Ziff Davis, Inc. & 2014 IAB Board of Directors

3:00 PM - 3:15 PM

The Art and Science of Premium Digital Content

Meredith Corporation explores how they work with brands to connect women to premium content in today’s programmatic and data driven environment.

Chip Schenck, Vice President, Programmatic Sales, Meredith

3:15 PM - 3:25 PM

Protecting Consumers and Providing Choice in the Online Marketplace

Explore how to offer choice to consumers inside a constantly shifting internet landscape.

Lou Mastria, CIPP, CISSP, Executive Director, Digital Advertising Alliance

3:25 PM - 4:00 PM

Viewability Has Arrived: What You Need To Know Now

Bring your questions to this town hall discussion with MRC and IAB to discover what you need to know about the new viewable standard.

George Ivie, ‎Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, Media Rating Council
Sherrill Mane, Senior Vice President, Research, Analytics, and Measurement, IAB

4:00 PM - 4:20 PM

Networking Refreshment Break

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4:20 PM - 5:15 PM

Marketplace Conversations—A Town Hall Experience
Pose Questions. Share Experiences. Exchange Insights.
Walk away with new ideas and new connections.

The best conversations at conferences often happen in hallways and over cocktails when attendees engage one another in spirited discussion and debate. IAB Marketplace Conversations tap into this energy by creating interactive town halls focused on hot topics in digital marketing and media.

Facilitated by an industry leader, each session is an open forum to share challenges, collaborate on solutions, find inspiration and ideas, and make contacts that translate into business solutions.

Drinks will be served.

Programmatic 2.0: Making the Leap
Room 402, 4th Floor
The Human Element of Programmatic
Buyers and Sellers are the driving force behind programmatic direct
Room 404, 4th Floor
What’s Native Got to do With It?
Room 406, 4th Floor

How to get programmatic off the ground—whether RTB or PMP, desktop or mobile—is no longer the big question. But what is the big question? How do you align forward-looking vision with execution, as programmatic technology becomes part of day-to-day business? How do you ensure the right partners, components, and plans are in place as programmatic takes the next step forward? Learn how to make the leap from the “what” to the “how” of programmatic.

  • What comes next in programmatic 2.0?
  • How do you integrate programmatic into your mainstream business?
  • How do you embrace the best of desktop and mobile to deliver a cross-channel strategy?
  • What does success mean?

With the rise of programmatic, key industry players have spoken about eventual industry-wide automated buying and selling. The focus of the conversation, however, has been on technology, when in fact the people behind the scenes are the key driving factor in its success, particularly programmatic direct. Discusses the role of the human element, the changes in workflows, and how that translates to more opportunity for digital advertisers.

  • What would a world without RFPs look like? Or does the role of the RFP change?
  • How does the relationship between buyers and sellers change with programmatic direct?
  • How does the workflow process change for digital buyers and sellers?
  • How does programmatic direct ensure transparency and streamline approvals from creative development to campaign deployment?

More than 70% of marketers still don’t know what it is, but according to projections—despite the uncertainty—native advertising will account for nearly three billion in spend by the end of this year.

  • How does native scale in the programmatic world?
  • Can every publisher support native ads, or do certain types of content lend themselves better to native experiences?
  • What is the enhanced value that native advertising provides advertisers and brands?


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5:15 PM - 6:15 PM

Networking Cocktail Reception

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