Mobile: IAB Marketplace - April 11, 2013

IAB Mobile Marketplace:
Beyond Buzzwords
Separating Fact, Fiction, and Hype in Mobile

The 2013 IAB Mobile Marketplace goes beyond a typical conference experience of circular panel discussions, three-letter acronyms and bright-shiny-object fetishism.

A full day of keynote presentations, deep-dive workshops and interactive town-hall discussions will clearly define opportunities and challenges in mobile marketing and leave attendees with a roadmap for leveraging the opportunities and overcoming the challenges.

Sessions include:
  • Building Rich Brand Experiences
    Great Creative Always Wins
    A creative showcase explores what rich mobile brand experiences look like and generates insights on how they can be ideated, created, and executed. See examples of what truly drives engagement.
  • Measuring Mobile Success
    How Do I Know it’s Working?
    A series of real-world case studies reveal what mobile effectiveness looks like by marrying specific client objectives with the metrics used to evaluate success. See how real brands are making real decisions about mobile.
  • Strategy’s New Normal
    An Advertiser, Media Exec, and a Creative Walk into a Bar…
    A frank discussion goes behind-the-scenes to show how a group of partners work together to build and execute successful mobile marketing. See how to structure teams across the value chain.
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