Advertising Technology: IAB Marketplace - July 15, 2013

Quality for All: Consumers, Advertisers, Publishers & Everyone in Between

Doc Searls
Customer Evangelist
Author of The Intention Economy: When Customers Take Charge

Forget about efficiency, quantity, tonnage, and the race to the bottom—the power of advertising technology is, at its core, the power to raise quality for consumers, advertisers, publishers, and everyone in between. Programmatic isn’t antithetical to premium. Technology is not in opposition to creativity. It’s time to, once and for all, put aside the petty pugilism that pits man against machine in marketing.

The 2013 IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace focuses on how the industry leverages its most important tools to be an enabler of bigger and better business for all.

Sessions include:

  • Data and Consumers: How the Targets are Dealing with Targeting
  • Who Wins and Who Loses from the Rise of Programmatic Buying?
  • A Brand’s Response to Fraudulent Traffic
  • The Economics of Content Creation
  • White Ops & Bots
  • Deep Dive Track Sessions on Programmatic, Viewability, and more

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