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Innovation Days 2012

Screens(n): Innovation Days @ Internet Week Highlights

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Screens…screens…and more screens—was the focus of IAB Innovation Days @ Internet Week 2012. “We really wanted to begin to explore, as professionals, how all these screens come together for new experiences…in this screen-drenched world,” said Randall Rothenberg, President and Chief Executive Officer, IAB, as he opened the event. And that’s just what happened. Brand marketers, agency executives, publishers, technologists, and others from across the marketing-media ecosystem gathered for two days of intense debate, discussion, and thought leadership about the future of advertising.

Major themes included (1) the evolution of marketing organizations into thought leadership centers—R&D hubs—for their companies, (2) the emerging tension between the push for customization and fragmentation in marketing solutions, and on the other hand, standards and scale, particularly the scale of social media, (3) the rise of the multitasking consumer and how people receive and perceive things differently depending on the screens they use, and (4) the expanding definitions of creativity that are introducing opportunities to showcase brands across different devices.

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