IAB Mobile 2011 Recap

Mobile: IAB Marketplace - July 18, 2011

IAB Mobile Marketplace 2011 Recap

Mobile in the Mainstream…and as the New Main Screen

Randall RothenbergThe IAB’s third annual sold-out IAB Mobile Marketplace—the largest yet—kicked off as Randall Rothenberg, President and CEO, IAB, declared the day a celebration for the new IAB Mobile Marketing Center to Excellence (MMCoE). With the core objectives of unifying, educating, leading, and evangelizing, the independently funded and staffed unit inside the IAB is charged with driving the growth of mobile marketing. Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB, served as the day’s host.

Anna BagerThere are fantastic opportunities in mobile, but the hurdles are high, she said. We need to better monetize mobile media, help marketers understand the mobile space, and organize sales teams around mobile metrics and budgets. Then to set the framework for the day, Anna revealed eye-opening findings from the “Marketer Perspectives on Mobile Advertising” study released at the event. It found nearly three-quarters of top marketing executives are looking to increase their mobile marketing spend over the next two years.

Heather Hopkins FreelandHeather Hopkins Freeland, Chief Marketing Officer, Gilt City—the morning’s keynote speaker—proclaimed mobile phones to be the most intimate, ever-present device that exists today, second only to a consumer’s wallet and keys. To sufficiently prioritize mobile, a marketer’s mobile team should be at the strategy table from day one. Mobile should and must be infused into every aspect of a business strategy. It’s not just about knowing your customer anymore, she said. It’s about understanding them. In the mobile space, a marketer’s role has shifted from purely selling to a consumer to providing them a relevant service.

Joe Laszlo / Michael LacorazzaJoe Laszlo, Deputy Director, MMCoE, IAB, took the stage next to introduce the first installment of “What Works and Why—A Series of Mobile Success Stories,” six case studies that would be presented throughout the day. Up first, Michael Lacorazza, Director, Advertising and Brand Management, TD Ameritrade, who candidly discussed the challenge of tracking his customers as they discovered the brand app, downloaded it, and used it to complete trades. Rounding out the metrics portion of the series, Craig Weinberg, Director, Mobile, Mindshare, detailed how Sprint and Slate.com strategically took advantage of the touch screen revolution accessing scale and measuring their results.

Agency Buyers PanelNext, agency executives shared the inside scoop on what buyers are looking for from publishers and technology providers. Moderated by Jeff Sass, Vice President, Marketing Chief Evangelist, Myxer, panelists Simon Bond, Chief Marketing Officer, BBDO & Proximity Worldwide; Michael Collins, Chief Executive Officer, Joule; Mark Emery, Mobile Practice Lead, Definition 6; and Paul Gelb, Vice President, Mobile Practice Lead, Razorfish, confirmed that consumers’ mobile behaviors are fundamentally different than their behaviors on other platforms, and that sales teams need to better educate buyers about these differences and the advantages of mobile marketing. An important consideration to understand, for example, is consumer intent—particularly in terms of geo-targeting—as users the same distance from one location can be doing two totally different things.

Peter MinniumRising stars are back! Before the lunch break, Peter Minnium, Consulting Director, IAB, announced the launch of the IAB Mobile Rising Stars. The competition encourages agencies, marketers, and publishers to produce new brand-building canvases tailored to the mobile arena. The winning submissions—which will be named the first-ever IAB-endorsed mobile ad formats—will be selected based on their potential to propel brand creativity on mobile devices at scale.

Adam BroitmanCase studies about cross-platform campaigns drew back a full house from lunch as Adam Broitman, Partner, Circ.us, revealed the work behind his agency’s augmented reality project with Red Bull, which allowed users to build their own video game car race track out of Red Bull cans, then use it to race with their friends. He highly recommended setting expectations for clients by telling them, “This has never been done and it is going to take some R&D first,” and then leaving some wiggle room for fees and timeframes. Derek Handley, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder, The Hyperfactory, followed with a Kraft case study. One of the biggest hurdles he experiences is getting clients to really look into the future. A vision is something that comes to fruition and remains stable over a few years. Marketing tactics, no matter how mobile technology and user behavior evolves, must fit into this existing long-term framework.

Brian WongCalled by the press a “budding Internet visionary,” Brian Wong, founder of kiip, energized the afternoon crowd by inspiring them to push beyond attention and impressions—toward the higher goal of emotional connections. Providing an inside look at what he calls a “moments-based” model, he described the importance of positioning a brand directly into rushes of positive, happy emotions, that occur for example when a consumer completes a level of a game or is retweeted. This can come to life through kiip’s business model, providing real rewards for virtual achievements through discounts, coupons, or other exclusive offers. Emotional ROI, as he called it, is built over time, but quickly becomes a competitive advantage.

Mike ZaneisMike Zaneis, Senior Vice President and General Counsel, Interactive Advertising Bureau, called on the audience to educate, engage, and empower consumers about privacy as the industry advances its efforts of self-regulation. Key legislators are paying close attention to mobile, he said, but this rush to regulate without understanding the industry has the potential for a harsh economic impact. He urged attendees to play an active role in their local politics, spreading the mantra of protecting consumers.

Linda GridleyBefore the final round of case studies, Linda Gridley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Gridley & Company, shared insights into the mobile M&A landscape. While consumption of mobile content grows, so does interest from VCs. Mobile M&A, however, is lagging behind, but when it comes, it will be like a "tsunami,” she said.


Jessenia Enriquez-GarciaFor the final case studies about precise targeting, Saurabh Bhatia, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Vdopia, and Jessenia Enriquez-Garcia, Digital Strategy Supervisor, Lopez Negrete Communications, identified key takeaways from their Universal Pictures Fast Five campaign aimed at Hispanic smartphone users. Understand how your audience uses devices and then cater to their preferred activities. Use mobile to execute seamless real time executions and find partners who can help make it happen. Kristina Tipton, Vice President, Marketing, CafeMom.com/Mom.com, added some additional insights gained from her experience marketing Mom.com to relevant audiences through in-app ads. Don’t interrupt the user’s experience, she said. Encourage trust with a transparent opt-in process. Then follow up with relevant content in a timely manner.

Consumers PanelWrapping up the day, a demographically-diverse group of consumers took to the stage and answered questions that uncovered their mobile likes, dislikes, wants, and needs. Each shared their willingness to provide personal information as compared to the value they expected brands to provide in return, what they would pay to receive compared to what they expect for free, what tasks—like price comparisons and finding products locally—they want ease of access to, and much more.

Before directing the audience out of the room for cocktails, Anna Bager summed up the day's theme of using mobile as more than a selling platform, but as a way to build brand awareness and loyalty, the myths of the mobile measurement excuse, and thanked the day's sponsors for their efforts and impact.   

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