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The IAB Annual Leadership Meeting showcases interactive advertising thought leaders as they drive change, break down trends and debate the future of the media marketplace.  View the agenda and follow along on Twitter as they address head-on two non-intersecting conversations taking place right now in the digital industry:

  • the belief that marketing success derives solely from expertise in data gathering and analytics
  • the belief that marketing success derives entirely from creativity, context and content.

Quite simply, is the future of marketing a question of man versus machine?

Rising Stars Winners Announced


IAB Annual Leadership Meeting:
Day Two Recap

Interactive thought leaders gathered once again on Monday, February 28, for a full day of discussion and intense debate on “The People vs. Data.” The energy of the crowd grew as the powerhouse lineup of speakers ascended to the stage—starting with the 2011 IAB Annual Leadership Meeting hosts—each bringing their own unique perspective to the event theme, one of the most pressing issues facing the digital media industry.

Wendy ClarkMonday’s Keynote Speaker, Wendy Clark, Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications and Capabilities, The Coca-Cola Company, introduced the first major theme of the day—treating users as the human beings that they are. She shared the organization’s secret recipe for finding the marketing edge of each of its brands. The base ingredient is “leaning in to” what’s coming next and finding strong partners who can pull it all together to meet the overall brand mandates. “Liquid and linked” describes the Coke strategic marketing plan, meaning that all content must be liquid to get to the furthest point, but it must stay linked to the overall brand strategy. With mobile on the top of the priority list, and a continued focus on feature phones which make up large segments of their mobile audience, paid, owned, shared and earned media are all integral parts of the discussion. Everything the company does—from packaging to storytelling—becomes part of the brand message, with the potential for ingraining the brand even farther into the lives of loyal customers.

Tim AndreeTim Andree, Executive Officer, Dentsu, and Chief Executive Officer, Dentsu Network West, shared insights into the largest advertising agency in Japan, Dentsu. As the organization continues to integrate into the U.S. market, it focuses on meeting the demands of its shareholders via satisfying client needs. The global agency works across its network to mobilize its specialty agencies and technology companies—finding the right talent, the right approach and the right communications to get the job done—to create seamless partnerships that meet the particular goals of the advertisers it represents. IAB Board Member, Bryan Wiener, Chief Executive Officer, 360i, and a Dentsu partner, joined Andree onstage along with John Partilla, Chief Operating Officer, Dentsu Network West and Wendy Clark to provide a more detailed look inside the innovative Dentsu agency model.

John Battelle and Doc SearlsThe spotlight then turned back to one the meeting hosts, John Battelle, Founder and Executive Chairman, Federated Media. He engaged Doc Searls, Fellow, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, in a hard ball debate about “The People vs. Data.” Searls urged the audience not to obsess about who owns what because it’s not productive. What is productive is the focus on the next discovery that empowers consumers and marketers and brings them closer together.

Rik van der KooiData is the oxygen of the Internet, said Rik van der Kooi, Corporate Vice President, Advertiser and Publisher Solutions, Microsoft and member of the IAB Board of Directors Executive Committee, and how we manage its use will define the industry’s growth. Trust levels fluctuate with transparency levels, and currently the trust relationship is eroding. The key is changing the conversation with consumers from “privacy” to “value or user control.” This theme was echoed through the day

Tina Sharkey, Chairman and Global President, BabyCenter, and IAB Board Member, welcomed attendees back from lunch, sharing her passion for the value of personalization and the important role it plays in the future of the digital advertising marketplace, touching on the idea that that it makes our advertising more efficient and empowers creativity. Her perspective encouraged the conference to interpret the theme “The People vs. Data” as
The People AND Data.” Similar ideas emerged after she introduced Jason Kilar, Chief Executive Officer, Hulu. With a mission of helping people find and enjoy the world’s premium content when, where and how they want to, and providing users, advertisers and content owners with something they love. To enhance the experience, Hulu asks users for their preferences, such as when the ad is run or what the ad is for. The leaders, he says, will be the publishers who ultimately deliver results for their advertisers.

David Doty, Chief Marketing Officer, IAB, continued the creativity conversation by providing a sneak preview of the IAB Ad Lab which is currently under construction in New York. The venue will be a vibrant, creative hub of activity, where members come together to collaborate, debate, discuss and brainstorm. Stay tuned, more details will be release in the coming weeks.

 Brad Brinegar
Brad Brinegar,
Chairman and CEO, McKinney,
Founding Chair, IAB Agency Advisory Board

 Emma Cookson
Emma Cookson,

 Dani Nadel
Dani Nadel,
Publicis Modem USA

 Quentin George
Quentin George,
Chief Digital Officer, MediaBrands

Brad Brinegar, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, McKinney, and Founding Chair of the IAB Agency Advisory Board, with a stellar group of agency executives unveiled the winners of the Rising Stars Competition and led an in-depth discussion of why these particular ad units were selected to become IAB Standard Ad Units. Emma Cookson, Chairman, BBH; Dani Nadel, President, Publicis Modem USA; and Quentin George, Chief Digital Officer, MediaBrands, described the richer, fuller, more engaging canvases that creatives will now have to work with. The onus is now on the advertisers to make sure they are providing the consumer value through these new tools, said Nadel. These units help the industry address consumers’ expectations that online advertisements look more like an app than a banner ad, George said. Read all about the new IAB Rising Stars here.

Blake Irving, Chief Product Officer, Yahoo!, closed the second day with a demo of the recently introduced Livestand from Yahoo!, a digital newsstand that integrates personalization with the tablet platform—defying the idea that customization is at odds with creating massive reach. The next 18 months, he predicts, will see an explosion of opportunities for advertising in tablet devices—after all, tablets aren’t competitors for TV, they are better than TV, he confirmed.

Blake Irving

Another full day of intense content led to some much deserved relaxation with drinks and dinner shared by the brightest minds in the industry.

Videos from the stage courtesy of
Wendy Clark Connects
"Liquid and Linked"

Tim Andree Shares the
Agency Network of the Future

Doc Searls and John Batelle Discuss Future of Data

Rik van der Kooi Advocates
Online Data Opportunity

Jason Kilar Speaks about
Timely Innovation

Quentin George Can Tell Richer Stories
with Rising Stars Ad Units

Blake Irving on Why Tablet Advertising
is Better than TV


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