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Speakers at IAB events include the industry's most influential thought leaders.  Click on the thumbnails below to watch videos of onstage presentations from last year's Ad Operations Summit.

The Future of Digital Video Panel shares exclusive survey data related to VAST compliance and implementation, then explores what can be done to further advance the exploding video marketplace.

Keynote speaker Donna Speciale, President, Investment & Activation Operations, MediaVest USA, believes building a proper measurement system will be a key driver of industry growth.

Zach Putnam, Director, Revenue Operations, ABC Television Networks moderates a panel on the future of ad formats with David Levin, President, Creative and Technology, 360i and Peter Minnium, Consulting Director, Interactive Advertising Bureau.


Operative's Mike Leo believes we must simplify the ad ops business in order to achieve operational effectiveness.

2011 Ad Operations Summit
Ops @ an Inflection Point

The operations field has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. Processes have been built and implemented to reduce friction in the digital supply chain, improving the ability to deliver profitability in interactive advertising.

But, digital media is at a place of reinvention—new demands for more brand friendly ad formats create a need for greater interoperability and accountability. At the center of these challenges is the operations community. Gone are the days of sitting in back rooms trafficking ads. Operations professionals are being thrust into the spotlight to play an integral role in shifting the next billion dollars online.

The 2011 IAB Ad Operations Summit addresses the weightiest issues in the industry:

  • Making Measurement Make Sense
    Examine the ecosystem-wide initiative put in place to propose standards for metrics and advertising “currency”
  • Tackling Tomorrow’s Video Problems Today – Connected TV is Closer Than You Think
    Address the problems of efficiency and scale by incorporating VAST and VPAID standards
  • Verification Tension: Creating Transparency in a Tumultuous Environment
    Debate on business necessity, business impact, upcoming standards and whether verification services contribute noise or real value to the marketplace
  • The Open-Ended Challenge of Seamless Interoperability Connecting the dots to manage campaigns across all platforms
  • Solving Late Creative: Changing Our Approach
    Discuss solutions to this ever challenging issue

Who will win the Impression Exchange Implementation Challenge? Two lucky winners will be announced and have their story told along with the sell side vendor or media company they have integrated with. Please click here for additional details: http://www.iab.net/ies_challenge