Rising Stars Display Ad Units
Providing the Canvas for the Next Generation of Digital Brand Advertising
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Rising Stars ad units tap into the breadth of cutting-edge technology available today, providing new tools that resonate with consumers and serve as powerful vehicles for advertisers. The creative agencies, brand marketers, publishers and other media experts who have contributed to the development of and tremendous surge in the adoption of the IAB Rising Stars have kick-started the next generation of interactive advertising. You can view the Display Rising Stars below and the entire IAB Display Ad Portfolio here.


Videos, Screenshots & Style Guides

The winning Display Rising Stars ad units are:

Billboard - submitted by Google/Youtube
Filmstrip - submitted by Microsoft
Portrait - submitted by AOL
Pushdown - submitted by Pictela
Sidekick - submitted by Unicast


Slider - submitted by Genex


Winning submitters included AOL, Google/YouTube, Mediamind, Microsoft, and Unicast. The groundbreaking formats were inducted into the new IAB Standard Ad Portfolio following six months of in-market validation.

Rising Stars in Action

Take a video tour to see how the groundbreaking ad formats are being executed by brands and agency buyers in the interactive media marketplace