Data Segments & Techniques Lexicon

Data is an increasingly important and confusing element of interactive advertising. Marketers and agencies are presented with a myriad of descriptions of data and methodologies. By establishing a common lexicon of data segments and collection techniques, the IAB Data Council is simplifying buying. The Lexicon is meant to arm the media planner with a framework to better communicate with media and data partners when enhancing online advertising campaigns with data. This initiative is one of many that the IAB is undertaking in order to make buying and selling more streamlined and consistent across the digital marketing arena, enhancing the potential for further revenue growth for all stakeholders.

The lexicon features four broad categories that define data segments and techniques:

  • Source: Where is the data acquired? Was it obtained through online or offline collection?
  • Attribution: What is the relationship between the data collector and the user? Was the data obtained by the owner of the website or from a third party?
  • Derivation: Which techniques are used to transform source data into a segment? Is segmentation based on information provided by a user or from observed user behavior and other inferred methods?
  • Modality: What is the temporal state to which the data is being positioned? Is the information descriptive of a user’s current state or is it predicting future behavior?