Data Leadership

Unraveling and guiding the data marketplace to protect the quality and value of data, and consumer privacy

Recent Updates:

  • New Data Driven Advertising Website released at IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.
  • IAB Study: The Emerging Marketing Data Use Cases
  • IAB releases “Data Segments & Techniques Lexicon.” The Lexicon is meant to arm the media planner with a framework to better communicate with media and data partners when enhancing online advertising campaigns with data.
  • IAB Data Council publishes “Data Segments & Technique Lexicon Overview,” a document establishing a common language for the definition and description of data segments used to produce targeted interactive advertising.
  • IAB Data Council elects co-chairs: Andrew Quixote Kraft, SVP Technology Sales and Account Services, Collective and Dennis Oldroyd, Director of Product Planning, Microsoft Advertising.
  • IAB announces the first-ever Data Council dedicated to addressing topics surrounding the collection and use of data in interactive advertising.