Getting Sponsored Content Right: The Consumer View
New Research From IAB & Edelman Berland

It is a maxim among sophisticated marketers that clicks are a relatively meaningless metric.  What matters most is the degree to which consumer attitudes can be formed and reshaped by advertising and marketing communication and then translated into sustainable behavior that benefits marketers and their brands. IAB and Edelman Berland conducted the following study, "Getting Sponsored Content Right: The Consumer View," in order to understand how consumers perceive and feel about in-feed sponsored content. Do consumer attitudes differ by media vertical?   Ultimately, the goal is to enable publishers, marketers, advertisers, and agencies to ensure that sponsored content meets consumer expectations and succeeds.

The research focuses on the news genre, specifically general news, business news and entertainment news.

Key Findings include:

  • Positive view of news site credibility sparks a 33% uptick in perceived credibility of sponsored ad content
  • Relevancy (90%) is the top factor in sparking interest in in-feed sponsored content, yet it also clearly demonstrates that the public’s feelings about the advertiser itself determines the success of this type of native advertising
  • Criteria such as brand familiarity and trust (81%), as well as subject matter expertise (82%), were identified as critical in driving news reading consumers’ interest in sponsored content.