Chen YongGood morning, ladies and gentlemen:

Today is an important day because of the release of the study, “Mobile’s Role in a Consumer’s Media Day in the United States and in China: The Smartphone as an Extension of the Self and an Extension into the World”, which was conducted jointly by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and the Interactive Internet Advertising Committee of China (IIACC). It is Mr. Rothenberg’s and Mr. Doty’s great interest in the Chinese market and their effort that helped us achieve such a huge success. I would like to give my sincere thanks to them.

It is known to all that the mobile consumption market in China is one which develops very fast. It has more than 1 billion mobile users, among whom there are over 500 million smartphone users. Users who get access to the Internet by their mobiles have reached 464 million. In China, mobile is not only a tool of communication, but is also a way of life. Since mobile is changing people’s life styles, this study will help us understand changes in the Chinese market and social environment.

The study reveals that there are differences in the mobile consumption market between China and the United States. In China, the smartphone is an extension into the world; while in the U.S., the smartphone is an extension of the individual. This finding is worthy of attention, for it shows differences in culture, attitude and habits between China and the United States.

This study is a good start for cooperation between IAB and IIACC. We will continue our cooperation in the future, and make contributions to industry development in China and in the United States.

Thank you,

Chen Yong