Candidates are eligible to take the Digital Media Sales Certification exam if they meet any of the following four criteria below.

During the certification application process, eligible candidates will also be required to submit a signed Code of Ethics that all certified individuals must abide by and uphold.

Option 1:

  • Two (2)-years of work experience in Digital Media Sales.
    Digital Media Sales is defined as the selling of digital media inventory. It can also include the selling of services that enable agencies and marketers to optimize the planning and buying of digital audiences.

Option 2:

  • One (1)-year of work experience in Digital Media Sales

    - or -
  • Two (2)-years of work experience in Digital Media Non-Sales
- and -
  • A minimum of 15* hours of continuing education or professional training in digital media.

Option 3:

  • Two (2)-years of work experience in Traditional Media Sales

    - or -
  • Five (5)-years years of work experience in General Non-Media Sales
- and -
  • A minimum of 30 hours* of continuing education in digital media from a U.S. accredited institution or professional training program

Option 4:

  • Undergraduate or Graduate Degree  in Digital Marketing - U.S. accredited institution (or Integrated Marketing Communications, with a significant number of classes in digital marketing) plus one (1) year work experience in Digital Media, Traditional Media Sales or General Non-Media Sales.
  • Undergraduate or Graduate Degree  in Digital Marketing - non-U.S. accredited institutions

    Applicants must submit a transcript from their non-U.S. academic institution indicating the equivalency to a U.S. program, at the time of Certification application. They are responsible for costs associated with transcript review services.

    If you need help reviewing your transcript for equivalency we recommend you contact the following agencies:
  • American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers (AACRAO)
  • International Education Services
  • National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES)
  • World Education Services (WES)

*Note: 50 minutes equals one hour of continuing education/training

Companies with Certified Sales Staff Include

See what they're saying

Yahoo has made IAB Certification requisite course work for the sales organization. IAB Certification shows a commitment to continued learning in the ever changing digital landscape. Ultimately growing sales revenue starts with trust and IAB acts as a cornerstone of that foundation.

 —David Dembowski, Category Sales Director - CPG, Yahoo

Certification provides me greater trust and credibility with my agency and client partners when discussing campaign implementation, analytics & measurement.

 — Benjamin Streeter, Account Executive, Sony Pictures/Crackle

I saw a job posting online recently that required this certification... That speaks volumes to me.

 —Chip Dillard, Digital Media Operations Manager, Comcast Spotlight

People are impressed and as it demonstrates a high level of competency in our industry.

 —Vincent Dunleavy, Account Executive, NBC Universal Digital Entertainment

My employer thinks it helps us stand out from the competition. My clients have found it more interesting that I have the certification over my agencies.

 —Nicole Hart, Account Executive, DailyCandy

It has given me additional credibility with my peers in the digital media field. I explain it to advertisers as something that makes my company and the services we provide stand apart from our competitors.

 —Alison O'Brien, Digital Product Manager, The Roanoke Times

I believe that by having the Digital Media Sales Certification that my clients and colleagues put more trust and value in my opinions and recommendations.

 —Steve Horn, Digital Account Executive, NBC Interactive

This education is needed, especially for former print sellers.

 —Brian Mitchell, Sales Director, Time Inc.

I have received positive feedback in response to the fact that I am certified from the marketplace. It provides a certified person greater respect in the industry and trust.

 —Kelly Iannaci, Sr. Account Manager, Disney Interactive

I have received accolades through LinkedIn.

 —Kevin DeSchaaf, Account Executive, BBC

Agencies have appreciated that my company mandated that our entire team of sales reps become certified. It shows that we mean business and are investing time and interest in being a reputable and strategic partner they can trust.

 —Annie Merriman, Account Executive, Collective

I think it is a fantastic way to elevate yourself in a highly competitive sales industry. I've also really appreciated the learning community, built up around the linked in group as well.

 —Jennifer Postlethwait, Manager, NBC Universal

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