Recertification Guidelines

Recertification guidelines for the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification program have been released and are available at Certification credentials are valid for a period of two years and a recertification application must be submitted prior to the expiration date for the credential to be extended an additional two years without interruption.

The requirements for recertification are based on the philosophy of continued competence. All candidates for recertification must demonstrate continued work in digital media sales, as defined as a minimum of 12 months total employment out of the previous 24 months.

In addition, qualified candidates for recertification shall have the option of either:

  • Retaking the Certification examination, or
  • Earning no fewer than 24 Continuing Education credits over the two year certification period

Candidates who wish to take the examination should apply at least three months before their certification is due to expire in order to have sufficient time to schedule and take the exam in a test window.

For those who choose to the Continuing Education option, credits are earned by engaging in continued competence activities, including continuing education, training and/or learning activities related to the competency requirements of the DMSC certification examination.

The following activities qualify toward earning recertification credit:

Qualifying Activity Credits Documentation Required
Industry Conferences 1 credit for each 2-hour period Receipt or proof of registration
Professional development classes, Seminars, Webinars, Training 1 credit for each full hour Certificate of Attendance or Completion
Presentations at industry meetings, guest lectures, participation on a panel 4 credits per presentation Copy of program; Date and location of presentation; evaluations, if applicable
College/University programs

5 credits per semester-long course

3 credits per trimester- or quarter-long course

Name of educational institution;

Course Title(s) and Syllabus;

Name of Instructors;

Semester/Trimester/Quarter Completed

Published Works (articles published in third-party digital media journal, magazine, newsletter, industry blog) 3 credits per publication Copy of article, date, publication name
Participation in industry task force with defined output (e.g. development of new standards,industry white paper) 4 credits per task force Letter from industry group
Participation in DMSC Item Writing/Review Workshop 4 credits per workshop  



  • Other types of learning and thought leadership activities not listed above may be considered by the Commission.
  • Certificants are responsible for tracking and reporting their recertification activities and will be required to submit appropriate documentation (transcripts, certificates, etc.) for each CE activity.
  • All credits claimed must be earned during the certification cycle and credits may not be carried over into the next recertification cycle.
  • Certificants are responsible for conducting an ongoing assessment of their continued competence in digital media sales, and measuring their own knowledge and skill level against the requirements for certification.
  • Candidates for recertification will be asked to refer to the DMSC exam blueprint to ensure that Continuing Education activities submitted for recertification have a direct link to the content domains of the exam.

Specific procedures for how to apply for recertification and submit credits will be released within the next few weeks.