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The world of leadership education for digital advertising and marketing is about to change. Having spent the past seven years working at a tier-one research university and delivering programs to top 100 firms around the globe, I have seen how management education can transform organizations and catapult individual careers This Fall we are launching the IAB Digital Leadership Program and I am excited to build upon past success by migrating the educational model outside of the ivory towers.  In combining the academic rigor of traditional executive education with a tactical, real-world focus customized specifically for today’s new media marketplace, IAB is forging a new path for digital leaders.  

Digital Leadership vs. Traditional Executive Education?
IAB-Digital_leadership_program_new.jpgWe have seen many IAB member companies struggle to stay ahead of changing technologies and to reinvent their business models for the new digital world. From more empowered customers to a proliferation of suppliers and choices, traditional strategies and approaches are rapidly being replaced with newer models and younger firms who are more nimble. The need for a leadership education curriculum designed specifically to guide the media and marketing industry through these fluctuations has never been stronger. 

While IAB’s Certification programs have addressed the need for industry education on the front lines, there exists a gap in knowledge, skills, and training for senior digital media managers and directors IAB’s Digital Leadership Program will fill this gap by offering coursework that will prepare mid-level professionals with the managerial and business strategy skills needed to succeed in their careers and to rise to the top of the industry.
IAB’s member base of more than 650 leading companies is responsible for selling, delivering, and optimizing 86% of digital advertising and marketing campaigns across the globe, and we assembled an Advisory Board made up of the industry’s greatest minds to create the program’s curriculum.

Participants will learn how to develop a successful competitive strategy and to position their brands and digital products, as well as how to avoid common pitfalls that many media companies have made. They will amass a set of practical tools and important questions to ask of their teams across sales, data, and measurement. Our faculty of instructors is comprised of experienced business and thought leaders who have successfully navigated the digital landscape and they love telling war stories of what worked or didn’t and why.    
An Interactive Learning Experience
By taking leadership education outside of the university, we are also looking to push the educational experience beyond the classroom.The majority of the curriculum will be taught through exercises, simulations and role-playing. Participants will visit digital media incubators, work environments, and other leading facilities to see examples of best practices first hand. Programs also include capstone projects in which participants apply their education to real world scenarios. We envision that the program will leverage state-of-the-art educational technology, ultimately through an online portal and interactive apps.  

First Open Enrollment: October 2015
Our first course offerings for October 2015 are now open and will be hosted in the IAB Ad Lab in NYC.This six-module program is our foundation curriculum and will introduce participants to the essentials of digital leadership.The program is limited to 35 participants per class and it is our recommendation that firms nominate participants. Registration will be prioritized for IAB member companies, with non-member firms having an opportunity to fill any remaining spots.

More to Come from IAB Digital Leadership
IAB will also able to offer on-site versions of the Digital Leadership Program privately for our member companies, because the curriculum is designed to be highly customized for their specific needs. Course material, exercises and speakers can be modified to help organizations achieve strategic training outcomes. We will also offer formal mentorships and consulting opportunities after the training to help implement ideas and projects that are started throughout the program. 

With such a need in the digital media and advertising marketplace for a leadership program, I can’t wait to get started and prepare the next generation for the road ahead.  

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EricGreenberg.pngEric Greenberg

Eric is the creator and Head of Digital Leadership Programs, IAB as well as President of EG Consultants, LLC, a educational and marketing consulting firm focused on providing brand management and customer centric strategies to Fortune 100 clients.  

Prior to IAB, Eric served as the Managing Director of Executive Education for Rutgers University, in which he created, managed and taught executive education programs to Fortune 100 executives in four continents. Email him at [email protected]


Despite my silent goal to never again take a multiple-choice exam post college, I found myself on July 31st at the NetCom testing center on West 33rd, preparing to take the IAB Digital Media Sales Certification exam.

The IAB launched this training program over a year ago to help increase the knowledge of digital sales professionals. As a marketing exec at PulsePoint, a data-driven content technology provider, I considered myself lucky to take the exam alongside our entire salesforce. In an effort to continue to adopt and help drive industry best practices, our SVP of Sales, John Ruvolo, instated the requirement that all sales support teams - sellers, client services, account managers, ad operations, and marketing - successfully complete the training and obtain certification.  Now, I must admit - having to carve out time to study on top of the daily grind was a challenge, but as I started digesting the impressive body of study preparation materials created by the IAB, I found myself happy to do so.   


I have worked my entire professional life in the digital media space and truly appreciate that the IAB has provided a training program that deepens my understanding of our industries ever-changing processes, rules and regulations, best practices, definitions and of course…all those acronyms.  Our space evolves at a dizzying pace to (try to) stay ahead of the mind-blowing technology being created every day. Chrome TV, one-click mobile payments, location sharing apps…it’s enough to make you seriously consider one of those ‘digital detox’ retreats. But without that evolution, without the constant influx of fresh ideas and new ways of connecting consumers to an amazing online experience, it would not be the exciting and fulfilling environment so many of us call home every day.

It has been common practice to learn and grow alongside all of this change through a mix of self-education and information sharing amongst colleagues, partners, and friends.  What a relief to have a trusted, accredited program led by our industry body that helps to educate and benchmark our top professionals against rigorous industry standards.  We finally have proof that we know what we are talking about…well, most of the time.

This IAB Certification process is something that digital execs across all business channels of our industry should undergo. I am proud that PulsePoint has embraced the program and offered it to employees beyond direct sellers; we are already exploring ways to incorporate this into all new hire training. Activating this program at the sales level of an organization and beyond can also impact future hiring decisions. It enables us to narrow candidate searches to only the best, most qualified applicants and allows us have even more faith that our teams are making the most educated decisions possible.

In order for digital media to continue being one of the most sought-after industries to work within, we must take responsibility to ensure that those dedicating their livelihood to it have the right tools to be as successful as possible. The IAB has taken great strides in creating a framework within which this critical professional development can happen, and I look forward to seeing it continue to grow.

About the Author


Lindsay Boesen 

Lindsay Boesen is Director of Marketing at PulsePoint, and on Twitter @PulsePointBuzz.

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