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5:15 PM

OK folks, I’m signing off for the day and heading down to the cocktail receptions shortly.

Check back in tomorrow for another exciting round of sessions. Enjoy your evening and the other Advertising Week festivities.

4:45 PM

There’s nothing like a chocolate brownie and a Coke from the Networking and Refreshment Break to kick the blogging into high gear again. But, gosh - the man next to me is snacking on a nice, fresh, crispy apple. Where do I find one of those?

I’m sitting in on the Case Studies in Mobility Track Session this time around.

Presentation 1
How Ogilvy helped IBM leverage sporting events to increase awareness and preference (not sell multi-million dollar servers).

What the programs allowed IBM to do was reach new people, break through the clutter, drive leads and increase consumer engagement. Every piece, including the mobile application, worked together to make it successful.

Presentation 2
The Hyperfactory helped Nike launch a new soccer shoe with some highly engaging mobile interaction.

Right now, one of the most important considerations with mobile is to completely understand your audience and how they interact with different types of media. Mobile users may not be who you think they are. And, more people have access to mobile than have computers! That’s something to think about.

3:15 PM

Let the Tracks begin!

I just took a quick break to grab some lunch, but now it’s back to business. The much-anticipated track sessions are getting under way.

First up on my agenda is the Practice Track—Metrics and Monetization.

Magid Abraham stared the debate by talking about how most publishers think they have more users than everyone else thinks they have. Who’s right and how do we really measure it? You’re always going to see an unexplainable gap.

Tolman Geffs thinks there’s no secret, expect that the big players know they’re going to be evaluated based on syndicated data. That’s what decisions are made from, not from the stats provided by the company themselves.

Then why don’t sites just stop with internal systems and everyone just goes with third-party measurement?

The bottom line, according to Magid, is that the industry is still a ways away from real accountability and real measurement. The reality is we just starting to delivery demographic metrics on campaign stability and other metrics.

Magid Abraham, PhD, President & CEO, comScore

Tolman Geffs, Managing Director, The Jordan, Edmiston Group, Inc.

Henry Blodget (Moderator), Editor, Silicon Alley Insider

12:10 PM

Young-Bean Song, Director of Analytics & Atlas Institute, Microsoft Advertising, talks engagement mapping onstage. He’s all about the synergy between search and display. The last ad click shouldn’t get all the credit, when other touchpoints farther up in the cycle play a part too.

Creating engagement, through sponsorships and other things, on the web and using it to drive the consumer to click on an ad is devalued when a search ad gets the same result. That shouldn’t be to case. We’ve got to go beyond that last ad. Engagement mapping looks at basic marketing ideas like frequency, ad size, ad format, daypart, order, targeting and interaction, then shares the credit across all the digital touchpoints in a consumers history.

Gaps in reporting metrics will never be closed until we can start relating the end result to touchpoints farther up in the process.

I’m off to the workshops, the networking lunch and afternoon track sessions. Check back in later for the details.

Young-Bean Song doesn’t think it’s right that only the last click gets the credit.

11:38 AM

What a session by Michael Linton, Senior Vice President & CMO of eBay. He focused on how a CMO balances the need to innovate, the need for results and the need for long term predictability. It’s more situational than ever been before. Consumers have more choices and every company is in their own “space.” Different business models have different ways to make money and tools fit differently based on the particular business.

You have to find your own way. What does your company need right now? Innovation can be something new in your company or something new in the industry.

He also suggests no one turns the other check on trying new things—even if you aren’t sure it will take you 100% of the way you want to go. Don’t spend too much time trying to predict what will happen. Try some testing and find out. Sometimes you just have to go for it! Take a risk.

Mike Linton believes the job of the CMO is to balance.

11:06 AM

Randall Rothenberg just left the stage again. There’s a lot of exciting stuff happening at the IAB.

  • Invention & Reinvention at the IAB - A new IAB corporate identity and logo
  • The IAB Newsstand - A virtual and physical table of contents for the IABs most frequently requested documents and a physical booth that will travel to industry shows (Booth 123 here at MIXX)
  • IABConnect - A new online social networking site only for IAB members,

Stay-tuned for Michael Linton, Senior Vice President & CMO of eBay

10:42 AM

For Chrysler it’s all about dismantle old perceptions and building something new by focusing on the opt-in strategy.

It’s a Viewer Democracy—creating compelling content to engage consumers when and where they want it. According to Deborah, brand awareness in now overrated in her industry because today’s car search starts with a search engine—a third party site where all the brands are represented. The new strategy is more about improving opinions through web-based engagement. The consumer’s energy vortex opens and Chrysler then has the opportunity to pour in the information that satisfies that request. You’re not trying to sell them a deal when they want to be entertained and not entertaining them when they want the education.

Most recent effort is the launch of all new Dodge Ram. The diverse group of customers means lots of needs for lots of customers, plus the new features Dodge wants to communicate to the complex group of customers. It’s complicated messaging.

The solution? Webisodes featuring local heroes - real truck users—not movie stars. Dodge owners can relate. It’s exposure to products that only subtly influences awareness and gives consumers a place to go if they want more information. Straight up education and a call to action.

Don’t forget to quantify everything in the culture of accountability. Chrysler is constantly evaluating effectiveness online and offline to make sure it’s drive people all the way down to retail.

She also touched on an interesting Customer Advisory Board that is actively engaging in communication with the brand and sharing messages with their own social networks.

She closed by pointing out that now really is the best of times for marketers. With so many new tools to work with and a need for marketers that has never been strong, life is good for marketers!

Deborah Meyer explains how the web has become a leading indicator of not just what’s happening online, but what’s happening across the board.

Next on stage were Tim Armstrong, President, Advertising and Commerce, North America,
& Vice President, Google Inc. and David Kenny, Managing Partner, VivaKi, giving an inside scoop on the Google / Publicis partnership.

What are the five things they couldn’t do without each other?

  1. Collaborate - The Goggle platforms allows Publicis to collaborate with all kinds of targeted audiences. It’s opening opportunities for everyone in the media world to participate.
  2. Managing Complexity - How long does it take for a client in the media world to be successful? How long does it take for a consumer to spend $1 online and what can be done to speed that up? We must learn to translate the issue of scale down to dollar-by-dollar transactions. Then, automate the processes so people can focus on more value-added things on behalf of clients.
  3. Bridge the Talent Gap - Fundamentally the market shifted to digital much faster than the talent shifted to digital. That means education and training are in high demand. Google and Publicis have instituted some job sharing opportunities so everyone can get a perspective on living in each other’s shoes.
  4. Cracking the Code on Mobile—It’s a matter of taking something new and risky and do some in-depth testing on it because of the partnership. Mobile is taking the Internet with you everywhere you go. And, their working together to make it a major part of the media mix.
  5. Get Invited to the Consumer Conversation - Social. It’s the thing that will move brands to the web. It can impact the trust and love for the brand in a more positive way than any other advertising method. The challenge is that there are no ad units. It has to happen organically.

David Kenny doesn’t view the current economic environment as being particularly bad for the digital industry.

Tim Armstrong asks what are the complexities in the industry and how are they going to be removed?

9:23 AM

Wow, what an opener for the official interactive event of Advertising Week! The General Session crowd is pumped. I could feel the beat of the music in my chest.

Randall Rothenberg welcomed the crowd, thanked our sponsors, teased the new IAB identity being launched today and covered some of the cool onsite event features - like the “text-to-screen” question and answer system and the programming feedback opportunities on

And now on to what we’re all here for—information and education presented by our industry’s pioneers. After all, MIXX is the place where the interactive advertising industry gathers to reinvent the present and invent the future.

First up Deborah Meyer, Vice President & CMO of Chrysler. More later.

8:40 AM

Good morning! Welcome to the IAB’s sold-out MIXX Conference & Expo. The next two days will focus on Invention & Reinvention of media. Brands, agencies, relationships and others will have their time in the spotlight. I’m Tracy, the IAB’s events marketing manager—and the MIXX live blogger. I’ll be covering it all.

Speaking of the spotlight, the lights are dimming and the opening video is ramping up. I’ll be back later with the latest from Randall Rothenberg, the IAB’s fearless leader and our first keynote speaker Deborah Meyer, the first ever CMO of Chrysler LLC.

Randall Rothenberg welcomes the MIXX packed house.