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Wow! The first quarter of 2011 has been a busy and exciting one as I’ve had the opportunity to constantly collaborate across key IAB committees focused on measurement standards, consumer transparency and other best-practice based initiatives. In many cases, I was one of the welcome recipients of the fruits of our cross-industry labor. In other cases, issues we are addressing through our IAB membership highlighted the fact that not everyone in our “industry” is on the same page around key issues, such as how to count or measure digital audiences and/or the best approach to empowering consumers. The beauty is that the IAB served as a good meeting place and forum to discuss everything. To that point, because of the collaboration, we are making progress.

At a sub-committee level, I recently assumed the chair position for the IAB email committee. I’ve been very impressed by the work of the committee and am so excited about the current project.

This quarter, the email committee, a cross-functional working group that includes members from over a dozen publishers, vendors and agencies including Erik Kokkonen from CBS Interactive and Chris Ambrosio from ValueClick Media, is at the tail end of producing an addendum to the 4A’s/IAB Standard Terms and Conditions for Interactive Advertising 3.0. Why the addendum? As many of the committee members realized, when the blue-chip companies they represent adopted the original Terms and Conditions, although the best practices were extremely valuable for those engaged in Interactive Advertising for Media Buys, they didn’t translate well or address the specific requirements of email and performance-based advertising campaigns. The committee decided to fix this by drafting a highly practical addendum that specifies Ts and Cs for these scenarios. While it might sound easy, it wasn’t. In fact, once this document is done we will really have attorneys like Tanya Tan from ValueClick Media & Steven Vine from Datran Media and business leaders like Tara Aiken from Perform Line to thank for making sure that the Ts and Cs are meaningful; specific enough to be of value and broad enough to promote business versus stalling it.

Right now, the Ts and Cs document is receiving final committee tweaks. It will then go live for public comment. Post comment, key change requests will be included, and the Ts and Cs will be issued for industry use.

Sound interesting? While I am guessing there’s not going to be a mad rush to a committee that delights in ensuring nuances like this are defined, if you are one of the special few, please do email [email protected] to join our efforts. We’d love to have you on board.

Lana McGilvray is Vice-President, Marketing for Datran Media and chair of the IAB Lead Gen/Email Committee. You can reach her via email or follow her on Twitter @LanaMcGilvray.