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My Experience as an IAB Rising Stars Awards Judge

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The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is known for creating display, mobile and video guidelines for the advertising industry. In 2010, the IAB created its first ever Rising Stars initiative as a means to highlight successful user experience and brand equity in display, mobile and video advertising. Last week I had the opportunity to judge dozens of the digital video submissions from leading brands and media moguls like Microsoft, Google, YouTube and Hulu as part of the IAB Rising Stars digital video ad format competition. The goal of the competition is to work with brands to develop digital video advertising standards to capture innovation and creativity for the good of the industry.


In 2012 the digital advertising industry experienced an explosion of new advertising opportunities and with it, an increasingly complex landscape within which to develop powerful digital video advertising. My job, in collaboration with the other Rising Stars digital video judges, was to narrow down fifty-five final entries to six. Being part of the judging process with colleagues across digital, media and advertising agencies was an awe-inspiring experience. We focused on selecting new formats, which will allow creatives to develop rich brand experiences within video advertising.

The new digital video industry standards are currently being finalized and will be announced February 2013 at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting.

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Jeannie Fratoni

Jeannie Fratoni

Jeannie Fratoni is Creative Director and Co-Founder at Red Door Interactive.