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A whopping 70 percent of marketers say they are planning to increase their social media advertising budget in 2015, according to the recent Salesforce 2015 State of Marketing Survey of 5,000+ global marketers. Yet, as social media platforms incorporate new paid advertising options to replace older ones, it is increasingly difficult for agencies and marketers to navigate the available ad products in the paid social media world.  

To help make sense of this rapidly evolving space, the IAB Social Media Committee worked with the top seven social media platforms to develop a “one stop shopping” guide that provides the industry with an up-to-date framework for buying advertising on Facebook, Foursquare, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr and Twitter. 


 “In a world that moves fast, relying on resources such as the IAB Social Media Guide provides tremendous value to marketers, giving them true insight into the social media landscape. But the real value comes from marketing partners for each social platform who can us this guide as a reference to better evaluate all the amazing options at their disposal to reach the right audience, the right way, at the right time in the purchase funnel. This guide is an evolving working document, as evolving as our industry is,” said IAB Social Media Committee Co-chair Carine Roman, Head of Global Advertising Operations at LinkedIn. Readers can use the interactive guide to focus on the platforms they are most interested in. 

Fellow Co-chair Christine Cuoco, Director of Global Business Marketing at Twitter added, “Our hope is that this collaboration inspires creativity, innovation and high quality work.”

What do the social media platform contributors have to say about the guide?

The Social Media Buyer’s Guide is a great resource that helps marketers and agencies understand how they can drive real, business results across some of the largest and most engaging publishers in the world. It’s great to see that all partners came together to create one valuable resource. For more information about advertising on Facebook and Instagram, please visit: and

 - Judy Lee, Head of Industry Marketing at Facebook


This comprehensive guide provides a helpful top-line view of paid social media vehicles, as well as the current capabilities and ideal uses for each platform. Our belief is that as advertisers harness the intrinsic value in social and location-based platforms, the IAB Social Media Guide will prove to be a useful tool for laying groundwork for client use cases and campaign expectations.

- Swen Graham, Director, Creative and Brand Strategy at Foursquare

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This one-stop resource guide is a solid framework for getting started with marketing your brand across leading social media platforms. An amazing collaborative approach to social media creating an aggregated guide needed to up level your social marketing efforts. For more information and to get started with LinkedIn products, please visit or contact your LinkedIn Account Executive.

- Todd Graham, Campaign Manager, Ad Operations, Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn and     Scott Lowry, Manager of Ad Operations at LinkedIn


While these platforms are often lumped together as “social” there are important distinctions that make them unique. For example, Pinterest does connect people, but at its core, it’s a visual bookmarking tool that’s most often used to help people plan their lives. This guide is a helpful reference to help you plan your approach to make the most of each platform. For more information about Pinterest Tools, please visit
- Yolanda Lam, Agency Partnerships at Pinterest

This collective guide is a tremendous and reliable resource for marketers looking to elevate their brand presence and captivate new audiences across the ever-evolving social landscape. For more information on getting started with Tumblr, please visit or contact [email protected].

- Tyler Penell -  Sales Development & Strategy; Karen Shosfy- Industry Communications Manager at Tumblr

This guide is a powerful resource for any marketer who wants to stay up to date on best practices across multiple ad platforms. Access additional resources and marketer success stories at, and reach out to your account lead with any questions.

- Julie Martin- Sales Manager, Media & Entertainment and  Adam Schatz, Account Manager, Media & Entertainment at Twitter

What’s Next? 
It is intended that the Social Media Buyer’s Guide will be updated as major ad product changes are announced by any of the seven platforms, so please check back frequently to get the most up-to-date ad product information.  

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Susan Borst

Susan Borst is the Director, Industry Initiatives at the IAB focusing on Social Media, B2B, Games, Content Marketing and Native Advertising. 
She can be reached on Twitter @susanborst


In honor of Thanksgiving, we thought we’d assemble a list (not in rank order) of the things we’re thankful for in the world of interactive advertising.

  1. We just had the best quarter ever for interactive advertising, and year-on-year revenues have been on a sustained upswing for the past four quarters.
  2. There are myriad challenges still ahead—they make life in the workplace interesting AND they’re good for IAB job security.
  3. 2010 is the year when consumers embraced mobile media wholeheartedly.  So we can finally stop talking about when “The Year of Mobile” is going to happen.
  4. There are always new surprises in digital: 12 months ago, who (outside of Steve Jobs) suspected the iPad would be device of the year?
  5. We know where all our friends are, all the time, whether we want to or not (thanks Foursquare!).
  6. Convergence is happening, in the form of a commingling of the excitement and innovation of digital media with the discipline and marketing expertise of traditional media.
  7. We’re lucky to work in an industry with so many good eggs among the people (at vendors, publishers, agencies, and marketers alike) with whom we interact.
  8. Most of the good eggs are also really smart eggs.
  9. 2011 is the year we will finally make measurement make sense; at the very least we can fix the 15 years of chaos and get ahead of the massive changes still ahead of us.
  10. As an industry, we openly recognize that it’s time to get beyond bad creative (ugly ads), and we’re making collective progress in the aesthetics that drive successful advertising.

- Sherrill Mane and Joe Laszlo

Sherrill Mane is Senior Vice President for Industry Services at the IAB.
Joe Laszlo is Director of Research for the IAB.