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The IAB is pleased to announce the appointment of Travis S. Howe, Senior Vice President for the Americas of Digital Sales Development & Ad Operations at Sony Pictures Television, as the new co-chair of the IAB Games Committee.

Based in New York, Travis founded the Americas division in 2006, which manages digital ad sales for Sony’s entertainment companies including PlayStation, Crackle, Sony Pictures Television (TV sites), and FEARnet. In this role, Travis is responsible for leading the strategy, sales development and digital ad operations divisions for North and South America across online, mobile, gaming console and Sony’s suite of connected devices. 

Travis.jpg Joynew.jpg.png Travis has proven leadership within the IAB Games Committee as well as numerous other IAB leadership roles including the Sales Executive and Digital Video Committees.  In his new role, Travis will work with fellow Co-Chair Joy Taylor, Senior Director, Global Media Solutions at Electronic Arts (EA) to help galvanize the committee, establish working groups and strategic direction both short and long term with the goal of driving the committee to become an even more effective face for the rapidly evolving Games space.

For 2013, the committee has agreed to shift focus and work toward aligning the 75 member companies with the 2013 Mission Statement as follows: 

The Games Committee is dedicated to showing the value and scale of gaming as an advertising medium which is driven by engaging content and cross platform solutions. All efforts will be centered on client objectives and needs which include creativity, scale and measurement.

The going-in key deliverables are focused on developing and executing a communication plan that educates the market on the value of gaming.  A first priority will be to update and modernize the Platform Status Report. The communication plan will be centered on key areas of focus:  Content, Platforms and Audience/Measurement. 

Please join the IAB and co-chair Joy Taylor in welcoming Travis Howe as the new Games Committee Co-Chair

The next Committee meeting wiSonyPictures.pngll take place on July 10, 10-11:30am PT at the Sony Pictures Entertainment Lot in Culver City, CA.
Please RSVP here to formally register, indicating whether you will be attending in person or remotely.  Members are asked to please answer this two question Survey Monkey which, as discussed at the last meeting, will help us to better organize the committee.

For further information on the Games Committee, please contact
Susan Borst

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Susan Borst

Susan Borst is the Director, Industry Initiatives at the IAB focusing on Social Media, B2B, Games, Content Marketing and Native Advertising.
She can be reached on Twitter @susanborst.

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Announcing the 2013 IAB Committee & Council Co-Chairs

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The efforts made by the members of IAB’s committees, councils, working groups, and taskforces have resulted in the development of guidelines, standards, best practices and more, that help to solve operational inefficiencies and define the future of digital advertising.  These elite groups are led by our Committee and Council Co-Chairs, who are responsible for developing agendas, setting goals, and strengthening collaborative relationships among our membership.

The IAB congratulates the 2013 Committee & Council Co-Chairs, who have demonstrated through leadership and participation their commitment to the industry’s growth and success. You can also follow them on our Twitter list.CC2013cochairs.png

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Julie Van Ullen

Julie Van Ullen is the Vice President of Member Services at the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Ms. Van Ullen oversees member acquisition, participation, and retention programs. In addition, she works with designated member leaders to develop strategic, market-marking initiatives for execution within IAB’s Committees and Councils.



The IAB Games Committee recently hosted a panel of gaming experts to discuss Gamification and how brands can utilize this approach to connect and engage their consumers. The panel included:

The main takeaway? Make the task fun. Some of the best ways to do this is to leverage digital platforms such as social, mobile and video to reward consumers for their actions and behaviors. While this seems very basic, it is easy for Gamification to quickly turn into “Chorification” if brands aren’t careful. Asking consumers to complete too many things or jump through too many hoops can make the game more of a chore ultimately having an adverse effect on your brand.


Peer Schneider talked about how traditional promotions such as a sweepstakes can often be mistaken for Gamification. Simply entering a sweepstakes isn’t fun. In the end, it’s only fun for the winner. Gamification is only effective when users receive an immediate benefit or reward for their participation.

According to Geoff Greenblatt, one of the key things is to use Gamification for the right purpose. Gamification is best used to retain consumers, not obtain them. This isn’t a strategy for reaching new consumers but rather one to keep your consumer base loyal and engaged with your brand. Gamification isn’t a replacement for high reach ad campaigns, it should be used to compliment your overarching media strategy allowing you to tap into your brand advocates and evangelists in a powerful way.

Bill Young explained that picking the right reward for the environment is just as important to a successful Gamification campaign. He used a recent Progressive campaign in The Sims Social on Facebook as an example. Progressive has their superstore character “Flo” take The Sims Social users through a series of actions within the game that exemplified their brand but still maintained the integrity of the user experience. Players could complete tasks like “getting an insurance quote” on the computer in the virtual world and were rewarded with a Progressive themed Unicorn. While a unicorn doesn’t have a direct correlation to Progressive, it was something that was highly coveted to the players therefore a valuable and effective reward provided by Progressive.


While rewards often come in the form of currency or items, in many cases it can be better to reward consumers with things that can enhance their life experience. Enriching content or ranks and leaderboards can provide just as much reward as a tangible object. Nike+ has done a great job of this by allowing users to compete against themselves and others offering self-improvement as the reward.


The best approach is to gamify existing human behaviors in order to keep your consumer engaged. In the end, Gamification follows the same rules as any other campaign—it’s important to be educated in your strategy, align it with your objectives and identify how you intend to measure the success. Beyond that—just make it fun!

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Joy Taylor

Joy Taylor is Co-Chair of the IAB Games Committee and Global Marketing Director for Media Solutions at Electronic Arts (EA), where she manages the teams responsible for ad product, sales development, insights, and trade marketing. She works closely with all of the company’s game studios to develop the right solutions for all of their external brand partners. She is responsible for all platforms, including mobile, social, Web and console offerings on content, ranging from Need For Speed to Pogo to The Sims and Madden NFL.

Prior to EA, Ms. Taylor was responsible for marketing in the media division of Six Apart, a social software and services company. Prior to that, she spent several years in sales and marketing at Knight Ridder and also managed marketing efforts for key accounts like Radisson Hotels at Carlson Companies. Ms. Taylor began her career in digital media at Interactive Corporation, where she conducted consumer and customer marketing for Citysearch and Ticketmaster.