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The IAB is only as strong as its members. 

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Each month IAB selects a member company who has demonstrated both exceptional leader and learner roles due to their elevated participation in IAB activities. Member participation in our initiatives not only empowers committees & councils to create industry-wide accepted specifications, guidelines and best practices, but also gives member companies and individuals the opportunity to have their voice heard and receive visibility for their efforts. 

This month we spoke with BrightRoll, who has taken advantage of Town Hall speaking opportunities, Webinar attendance, 3MS Educational Forums, Quality Assurance Guideline Training, IAB.networking events, and much more.

What does your company do, and specifically how does it serve the digital ecosystem?
BrightRoll builds software that automates digital video advertising globally. The company enables advertisers, publishers and technology partners to grow their business through the industry’s leading programmatic video advertising platform. 

Brands, agencies, agency trading desks, demand side platforms and ad networks use our technology to reach precise audiences at scale, reduce waste, improve performance and simplify the complexity of video advertising across screens. 

On the publisher side of the business, BrightRoll enables more than 21,000 websites, mobile websites and apps to maximize their yield and efficiency, provide control over pricing and the advertisers appearing on their sites, and simplify the process to enable the delivery of advanced video advertising formats across multiple screens.

In addition, BrightRoll partners with a consortium of technology and data companies to bring advanced capabilities to the video ad ecosystem to help marketers improve the efficacy of their programmatic video advertising campaigns.

What initiatives is BrightRoll looking forward to working with the IAB and its member companies on; and how do you motivate your colleagues to get involved?
Tim Avila, SVP of Marketing Operations, BrightRoll
BrightRoll is an active supporter of all IAB initiatives focused on establishing guidelines, standards and best practices for digital video advertising. We look forward to continuing leadership efforts around industry wide initiatives to combat ad fraud, including the IAB Trustworthy Digital Supply Chain and IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines. BrightRoll also looks forward to actively participating in multiple working groups including the research council and the digital video, 3MS and programmatic working groups.

The value the IAB brings, not only to our business and clients, but to the industry as a whole, is evident to employees across our organization. A number of BrightRoll colleagues are active participants in IAB efforts and have either contributed thought leadership at events or joined committees and councils to support important industry initiatives. We encourage our colleagues to attend IAB events and have hosted IAB leaders at BrightRoll events to promote the progress being made by the organization and its members. We value the various opportunities the IAB offers for our employees to become involved and we encourage other industry professionals to join us in moving the industry forward.

How have you leveraged a leadership role at IAB over the past year and what was your take-away from the experience?
Sable Mi, Senior Director, Research Strategic Planning, BrightRoll
I have been a member of the IAB for nearly four years and it has continuously proven to be a rewarding experience. Being a digital research strategist, I am always looking for better ways to measure and prove ad effectiveness across media. Working closely with IAB provides me with the opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders and continuously improve the efficacy of digital advertising.
My most recent leadership role with the IAB was at the Cross-Screen Video Town Hall where I presented ‘TV & Mobile: The Complete Picture,’ which tells a compelling story of how TV and mobile video together improves reach and cost efficiency. In addition to the town hall presentation, I have been actively involved with the IAB Research Council and its Advisory Board, Emerging Innovation task force as well as Data, Mobile Video and the Ad Effectiveness working groups; all of them are playing crucial roles in moving the industry forward. 

There is never a dull moment in this rapidly evolving industry and I value the opportunity to be a part of the initiatives that are contributing to the growth of the industry. This progress wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of the IAB and its members who have collectively provided thought leadership and guidance in standardized measurement, data and inventory quality, cross-platform ad effectiveness, and more. It is incredibly valuable for leaders from across the digital ecosystem to come together to share their expertise in an actionable way and I am honored to be a part of it. 

How did you participate as a learner at IAB over the past year and what was your take-away from the experience?
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David Liu, Business Development Manager, BrightRoll
Being a member of the IAB has been an incredibly valuable experience and I appreciate the expert learning opportunities that it provides. I began my career as an Ad Operations Manager at BrightRoll and was excited to join IAB Ad Ops Council to learn the more about the operational efficiencies within interactive advertising. Even as I’ve transitioned into my new role as a Business Development Manager at BrightRoll, I continue to find that the IAB’s diverse services are immensely valuable. 

Most recently, I attended the IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report Webinar to monitor the latest spending trends in digital advertising and to get a better sense of where the video is headed. It’s our goal to integrate leading companies into our BrightRoll Partner Program and this report serves as a valuable data point in identifying the right partners. Additionally, the business development team at BrightRoll both appreciates and leverages the advertising standards set forth by the IAB. Regardless of whether it has to do with viewability or VPAID, the IAB standards provide an indispensable baseline for our partner integration conversations.

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Nicole Horsford

Nicole Horsford is the Member Services Director at IAB.

At first, it seems counter-intuitive. For the digital interactive industry, which is dominated by the promise of free thinking and dynamic innovation, the notion of setting rules, parameters and guidelines seems almost anathema.
However, efficient marketplaces are built on transparency and information.  Clear and common language enables sellers to efficiently describe advertising inventory to buyers.  As such guidelines are vital to earning the trust of brands and ultimately to sustaining the growth we have enjoyed in our industry.
Of course, setting even the most basic rules around quality in digital advertising is a challenge.  There are a myriad of industry stakeholders and many of the issues are complex.  In short, this is exactly the sort of challenge that the Interactive Advertising Bureau was designed to tackle — hence the Quality Assurance Guidelines emerged in 2008.  However, the original Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG) are already four years old in digital advertising years - which seems like a century on the human scale.  Accordingly, last year we began the process of refreshing QAG.


As we set out to recast, update and fine-tune the parameters for digital advertising within  the next iteration of the “Quality Assurance Guidelines”, we are faced with the emergence of programmatic buying as well as the continued growth of new areas such as mobile and video.  Additionally, we faced the issue of describing advertising inventory across multiple devices.
Not exactly for the faint of heart.
Fortunately, we were able to draw on the collective expertise of dozens of professionals from across the ecosystem - both buyers and sellers of digital advertising.  It’s worthwhile considering the kinds of participants who joined in developing this initiative: large publishers, large networks, trading desks, demand side platforms, supply side platforms and agencies - among others. The incredible support of these companies has resulted in a robust new set of guidelines that will be made available for public comment in the next few weeks.  
The mission for the QAG incorporates the following four tenets:
1. Understand the information requirements of advertising buyers
2. Define the parameters, definitions and common language for advertising seller disclosures
3. Ensure the guidelines define and enable clear, easy-to-understand descriptions that meet the requirements of advertising buyers
4. Review compliance amongst QAG certified companies and facilitate the resolution of disputes and complaints
These guidelines are the single industry-backed initiative designed to reduce friction and foster an environment of trust in the marketplace by providing clear common language that describes characteristics of advertising inventory and transactions across the advertising value chain.
As we approach the end of the drafting phase of QAG 2.0 and look forward to the start of a public comment period, we encourage you to consider how these guidelines apply to your company.  For sellers of advertising, this initiative allows you to certify your company as being compliant with this language which gives buyers of advertising confidence in your offering.  If your company hasn’t yet become QAG certified, the time is now to get involved in this increasingly important initiative.
As we move towards public comment, we invite you to get involved in the process and share your perspectives.  Buyers of advertising are increasingly relying on the QAG guidelines and we will be where the QAG 2.0 spec is almost ready to launch, and as the Beatles’ song goes, it could be an impressive and vital turning point for the digital sector, all we need is a “little help from my friends.” Hoping we can count you among them.

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This piece is bi-lined by Tim Avila, Vice President, Product Marketing, BrightRoll, Inc. and Rob Rasko, Founder and Managing Partner of The 614 Group.

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