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The advertising ecosystem today is inventing smart, unique campaigns that use the latest interactive advances to engage consumers. The results are powerful.  With audiences bombarded by marketing messages in every medium, advertisers are pushing the envelope to get attention and creating a truly dynamic marketplace as they surprise, delight, and win followers.

In response, we’ve added seven new categories to this year’s IAB MIXX Awards to make sure the best, most forward-thinking work gets noticed. Through the global IAB MIXX Awards, the IAB recognizes the talent that crafts this innovative, leading edge and high impact creative. The new categories give the digital industry more opportunities to showcase how brands and agencies move their business - and the advertising industry - forward.

Iab-mixx-awards-2013-logo.jpgBranded Utility
A successful branded utility campaign has the power to embed the use of the brand into consumers’ everyday behavior—Nike+ FuelBand, the 2013 IAB MIXX Awards Gold winner in Digital Integration—is the perfect example.  David’s Bridal recently got media attention for its app that lets brides make wish lists, interact with bridesmaids, keep track of their bridal purchases, plan the wedding party, show her current mood through an icon, upload images, log-in via Facebook and send invites to friends through the social network.  Those newlyweds might then move on to using the Chip It! app from 2012 IAB MIXX Awards’ “Best in Show” winners Sherwin Williams and McKinney that lets you match real world colors with paint colors. 

Content Marketing
Content marketing is increasingly recognized as a new channel for brand marketers.  At least two major agencies recently announced new units devoted to helping clients with content marketing development.  American Express is well known for its “OPEN” Forum dispensing advice of all kinds to small businesses.  Lincoln Motor Company’s “Lincoln Now” site features content that celebrates design, technology and art, and in the process, the company’s 90-year history of making cars.

Augmented Reality
Augmented reality campaigns take advantage of consumers’ addictive smartphone behavior by creating often game-like apps that communicate brand messages in clever ways.  How do you get an adult audience to rekindle their love of Lucky Charms cereal?  This year Lucky Charms agency Saatchi and Saatchi created an augmented reality app that sent customers on a “Chase for the Charms,” complete with a $10,000 “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow.

Custom Mobile Rich Media Display  AND IAB Standard Mobile Rich Media Display

With mobile advertising skyrocketing by 111% in 2012 as reported in our recent study, brands are out to take advantage of the landslide shift of eyeballs to mobile. Major publishers like USA Today, New York Times, ESPN and more are hosting rich media ads on their mobile apps, and platforms like Google, Twitter, Facebook and Pandora are drawing huge mobile audiences.  Last year the IAB established its first-ever mobile ad standards — the Mobile Rising Stars.  Agencies are expressing great creative ideas through these new formats with great consumer and business effect.  For example, Dunkin’ Donuts and Celtra used Facebook for a mobile ad using rich media and HTML5 to let users customize their perfect drink.

Retail brand marketers are using interactive in significant ways to drive traffic to their brick and mortar stores.  Macy’s created an all-purpose Black Friday app last November that enabled shoppers to preview and get push notification on Black Friday specials, create lists to share with friends and family, direct shoppers toward local store specials and preview exclusive items.  The app’s debut coincided with Macy’s holiday broadcast campaign featuring spots with Justin Bieber, Carlos Santana, Martha Stewart and Taylor Swift.  The IAB MIXX Awards honor not just creativity but impact and nowhere is ROI felt more immediately than in a retail environment

What’s next? We’ve added one final category to find out:

Can’t be Contained!  - Any execution so experimental and innovative that it defies categorization in the IAB MIXX Awards!
Technology is moving fast, and cutting edge agencies and brand marketers are keeping up with it.  “Can’t be Contained” offers agencies and brand marketers the chance to submit their campaigns using the latest most experimental, groundbreaking technology.  No doubt there are even more forward thinking digitally savvy campaigns on the horizon.

Learn more about the global IAB MIXX Awards at

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Peter Minnium
As the Head of Brand Initiatives at IAB, Peter Minnium leads a series of initiatives designed to address the under-representation of creative brand advertising online. He can be reached on Twitter @PeterMinnium.

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Holiday Shopping Trends 2011

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shopping.jpgAs we approach the 2011 holiday shopping season, a multitude of studies have been recently released which attempt to predict consumers’ holiday shopping plans, behaviors, attitudes and spending. In this post, we’ll attempt to summarize some of the recurring themes that span the various studies. IAB is also adding to this quantitative knowledge with qualitative points garnered from tests conducted as we develop our online community, called HearWatchSay, a joint venture with IPSOS/OTX.

Let’s look at some of the recurring themes this holiday shopping season:

Early Shopping and the Preference for Cyber Monday over Black Friday

The turkeys haven’t even been cooked, much less digested, and yet many consumers have already started their holiday shopping. comScore states “Four in ten have already begun holiday shopping.”

Our HearWatchSay community members who participated in our shopping survey told us they’d already started shopping and the overwhelming majority of that group (about three-quarters) reported that they will avoid Black Friday. At first glance, this seems to imply that consumers are open to shopping early in the season, but this is more likely due to consumers trying to avoid the crowds that the shopping season brings, based on what we are learning from HearWatchSay. Instead, it appears that our community members are looking forward to shopping on Cyber Monday.

Researching Gifts

Researching gifts is a top activity across mobile and digital, both online and in-store, with price comparison more frequent among smartphone users. NPD states that about half plan to do gift research online before shopping. The top online holiday shopping activities of our HearWatchSay panel members who responded to the shopping survey are researching gifts on shopping sites, reading online reviews to help decide, researching gifts using a search engine and using a price comparison site/app. 

Spending Less

With increasing economic uncertainty and declining consumer confidence, it’s no surprise that many consumers plan to cut down on spending this holiday season.  According to Nielsen, 41% of Americans are planning to spend less this year. 

Consistent with shoppers’ plans to spend less, the top holiday shopping purchase influences for HearWatchSay members who responded to our survey are email coupons& discount codes, in-store coupons and Cyber Monday specials. NPD states that the #1 influence on where to shop is ‘special sale price’ followed by overall value for the price and convenient location. 40% (#5) also are influenced by free shipping offers.

More Online Shopping This Year

Consumers may be spending less this year, but more of that spending is being done online. One-third of HearWatchSay survey respondents state they plan to do more online shopping this year, largely driven by cost-saving (deals, coupons, price comparison) in addition to crowd-avoidance and convenience. Additionally, eMarketer predicts that U.S. retail ecommerce holiday sales will grow 16.8% this year to $46.7 billion, which is five times faster growth than the total retail industry.

Overall, top drivers for holiday shopping behavior this year — both online and offline — imply cost-saving measures; online deals, in-store coupons, in-store shopping to save on shipping fees.

Mobile Shopping… or In-Store Price-checking

Another category that is seeing increases driven by cost-saving behaviors is mobile holiday shopping. Many (about half of HearWatchSay respondents) are planning to shop in stores with their smartphones, using them for in-store comparison shopping, scanning QR/UPC codes in the store or doing gift research on their mobile devices. According to Deloitte’s Annual Holiday Survey, 27% of smartphone owners will use their devices for holiday shopping this year.

Smartphones are being used more for in-store comparison shopping than actual purchases (only 15% of HearWatchSay members said they’d buy via mobile phone). Tablets, however, are gaining ground as a device for making purchases with tablet holiday shopping behaviors resembling those done on a laptop computer — comparison shopping and buying. Paypal with Ipsos and IBM Coremetrics expect an increase in mobile purchases overall this season, whether via smartphone or tablet.

In summary, holiday shopping this year appears to be shifting more to digital and mobile, with mobile being used more to ‘optimize’ in-store shopping. That isn’t to say that people won’t be crowding the aisles in stores looking for that perfect sweater or to use their store coupons. But more of them will be tapping away at their phones while shopping, looking for a better deal at another store or online. Many will forgo the crowds at stores to shop online in the convenience of their own home, at a time that suits them.

Perhaps the defining factor driving both online and offline shopping this year is saving money. Cost-saving measures seem to be strongly influencing consumers’ behaviors and purchase decisions this year whether online, mobile or in-store. Consumers are looking forward to Cyber Monday and plan to take advantage of online coupons and deals. At the same time they cite in-store coupons and saving on shipping fees as major influences in offline shopping, which will of course be accompanied by their mobile shopping assistant.

About the Author

Kristina Sruoginis

Kristina Sruoginis is Director of Digital Research at IAB