IAB Digital Audio Buyer’s Guide

For most of us, audio builds the soundtrack to our lives. Brand marketers have long understood the power of audio to connect with audiences. Whether it’s music, news, sports, political talk or just the comfort of a friendly voice, audio retains its relevance today by taking advantage of digital delivery to give far greater choice, control and customization to the listener. The result is a highly personal and exclusive advertising experience that creates a natural opportunity for brand alignment.

The demand for digital audio is growing, and research supports this. Edison Research and Triton Digital’s Infinite Dial 2015 study showed that an estimated 115 million Americans listened to online radio and streamed audio content in the last weeka 22% increase over the prior year!

There are 5 reasons why digital audio needs to be part of every marketing mix:

  1. Digital Audio is exclusive
  2. Digital Audio is becoming a “mobile-first” experience for many
  3. Digital Audio is cool, and the consumer is now in control
  4. Digital Audio is growing like CRAZY!
  5. Digital Audio provides a complement to any media plan

IAB and the members of its Digital Audio Committee have pursued a goal of educating the larger media and advertising ecosystem about digital audio advertising opportunities, and discussing best practices and guidelines for reducing operational costs while driving sector growth. With this Buyer’s Guide, the Committee aims to answer questions that creatives, planners and buyers may have about investment in digital audio advertising.

Below, please find several visual examples of integrated
digital audio ads that are also supported visually.

Mobile Companion Banner example

Desktop Display Banner example

Native Audio for Desktop: branded station example

Native Audio for Mobile: branded moment example

Interactive mobile: listen now, 'go to' example