Monday, July 19, 2010
IAB Highlights Mobile Advertising’s Leading Edge

Releases “Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats”

New York, NY (July 19, 2010) – Today the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the release of “Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats,” the industry’s first benchmark for ad formats being offered in mobile applications. Summarizing the results of a survey of IAB member companies, the document showcases current trends in mobile advertising and covers the seven major mobile/portable application platforms: Android, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone/iPod Touch, Palm, Symbian and Windows Mobile. The announcement was made at the IAB Mobile Marketplace, an annual event held in New York City focused on providing expert and actionable insight from brands, agencies and publishers on buying and selling, and solving the challenges of, one of the most rapidly evolving forms of digital advertising.Some of the key components of “Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats” include:

  • An overview of the most common ad formats currently being sold by mobile app publishers
  • The points of emerging similarities and differences in ad sizes among app providers
  • The launch of a resource that the IAB will regularly update to help the advertising marketplace keep abreast of widely available ad formats as well as emerging trends as they develop 

“The mobile advertising marketplace is moving at lightning speed as consumers embrace new devices,” said Joe Laszlo, Director of Research, IAB, and manager of the IAB Mobile Committee. “‘Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats’ is the beginning of the development of a dynamic toolset to help drive growth in mobile advertising.”

“We know from working with our clients that agencies and marketers do need education on the different types of formats currently being supported by publishers,” said Sharon Knitter, Senior Director, Consumer Products, and Co-Chair of the IAB Mobile Committee. “Our goal was to take a close look at which formats publishers were currently offering and to establish an ongoing resource for the industry as mobile continues to play a pivotal role in marketing campaigns.”

“We surveyed some of the most significant mobile publishers to highlight the most common ad formats offered in mobile apps,” said Cameron Clayton, VP Mobile and International, The Weather Channel, and Co-Chair of the IAB Mobile Committee. “This report will continue to evolve as the mobile industry continues to innovate and technology provides even greater opportunities to engage with consumers on their mobile devices.”

“Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats” is the latest addition to IAB’s work on educating the ecosystem about mobile advertising. This ongoing initiative has included the release of two previous market-making documents:

  • Mobile Buyers’ Guide
  • Mobile Platform Status Report

Both of these documents can be reviewed at

To review “Prevailing Mobile In-Application Advertising Formats,” please go to

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