Monday, June 10, 2013
Mobile Rising Stars Added to IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio, to Propel Brand Advertising in Mobile to Scale

New IAB Study with Vibrant Media and comScore in Collaboration with OREO Shows Mobile Rising Stars Yield Near-Double the Interaction Rate of Standard Banners & Generate Positive Brand Impact

NEW YORK, NY (June 10, 2013) — Today, the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) announced the inclusion of five Mobile Rising Stars formats into the official IAB Standard Ad Portfolio to enable brand marketers to tell bigger and bolder stories on smaller, mobile screens. The news was released along with findings from an in-market study conducted in partnership with Vibrant Media and comScore related to the “OREO Cookie vs. Creme" marketing campaign, which shows that the IAB Mobile Rising Stars ad formats garner greater user interaction and deliver higher brand and message recall than do standard mobile banner ads.

Mobile Rising Stars inspired nearly twice the number of people to slide, swipe or tap than did standard banners. When presented with both types of ad formats on a mobile device, one in 10 (9.3%) respondents interacted with the Mobile Rising Stars ad, a sharp contrast to the 5.2 percent that interacted with the traditional banner.

Other key findings:

• Nearly all (98.1%) who interacted with a Mobile Rising Stars ad recalled the brand, with 18 percent more likely to recall the brand name advertised than users who viewed a standard mobile banner ad
• They are also 23 percent more likely to recall the message advertised compared to users who viewed a standard mobile banner ad
• Two-thirds (67%) who interacted with a Mobile Rising Stars ad rate the ads “better” or “much better” than a standard mobile ad

“Mobile has the potential to become a primary venue by which marketers can deliver visually compelling creative to consumers,” said Peter Minnium, Head of Brand Initiatives, IAB. “Bringing the Mobile Rising Stars into the IAB Standard Ad Portfolio signifies a turning point in being able to deliver on mobile’s promise – at scale. This is the next step in driving adoption, so publishers, media buyers, and creatives can work together to enhance the interactivity and performance of mobile ad campaigns to the benefit of both consumers and brands.”

“Working on this research has shown that the IAB Mobile Rising Star formats’ enhanced interaction functions and consumer controls deliver an innovative brand experience that has positive impact,” said Cella Irvine, CEO, Vibrant Media. “The findings demonstrate the need for brands to adopt more ad experiences that deliver interactivity and creativity at scale to connect brands and consumers in engaging ways, as opposed to standard, non-optimized mobile experiences that consumers have come to expect from mobile advertising.”

“Consumers interact on smartphones and tablets with a series of swipes, taps, scrolls and flips that go well beyond the basic click that we’re used to focusing on with other digital screens,” said Anne Hunter, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing Strategy, comScore.  “That is why it is vital that marketers embrace mobile ad units that not only encompass those activities, but brings them to the forefront in rich canvasses that effectively deliver brand messages. This research clearly illustrates that the Mobile Rising Stars meet these criteria.”

The IAB Mobile Rising Stars are part of the larger IAB Rising Stars initiative, which seeks to create new canvasses for brand advertising on digital platforms. These formats are intended to work across all major mobile platforms and allow mobile ad buys at the same scale and scope as typical online display buys.

The news was announced at the “IAB Cross-Screen Content & Consumers: AfterFronts” conference, held at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Hotel in New York City.

The complete study is available at To download all of the IAB Standard Ad Unit Portfolio’s ad format specifications, please go to

The paper’s findings are based on the results of a standard experimental design utilizing control/exposed groups to measure brand lift, user attitudes and interaction rates among nearly 1600 adults, ages 18-54 on iOS devices. Fieldwork took place March 28 – April 15, 2013.

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