Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A First-Hand Look into Media Behavior

New York, NY (July 12, 2006) – The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and Adweek Magazines today announced that consumers will be included as a critical component of the agenda for the upcoming MIXX Conference and Expo on Sept 25th-26th in New York. The MIXX Advisory Board comprised of leading marketers, agency professionals and publishing executives unanimously agreed that including consumers as part of the programming was essential in this new world in which consumers continue to seize more and more control over their media experiences.

Themed “Consumers in the MIXX”, MIXX 2.6 will weave consumers within a live format to extract insights, opinions and behavior patterns of this new “in control” generation throughout the 2-day conference. Through innovative programming and content development, consumers will be integrated into relevant panels providing a “reality check” to the audience of decision makers across the media industry.

“From user generated content to Personas to consumer controlled experiences, a new media sensibility is emerging that allows us to transform commercial persuasion,” said David Verklin, Carat Americas CEO. “The emerging web-first trend creates fascinating opportunities to bypass bricks and mortar and connect customers directly with the products and services they want. This is a not just a change in business practice; it is nothing less than a revolution.”

MIXX attendees will be exposed to the daily media consumption of key consumer groups via pre-recorded video interstitials. There will be a featured panel of the elusive teen demographic as well as a panel of women, one of the most influential groups of online users, reacting real time to advertising campaigns and creative applications developed for each respective group. Moderated by consumer experts, these focus groups will provide marketers and their agencies with specific feedback that will help guide future creative development for these important customers.

“We believe that by bringing consumers into the MIXX, we create an extraordinary opportunity for marketers, agencies and content providers to truly understand how consumers are reacting to the myriad new digital platforms out there,” said Sheryl Draizen, SVP, General Manager, Interactive Advertising Bureau. “By combining industry leaders, with a consumer voice, MIXX will provide marketers with the full picture on how to reach and create deeper connections with their customers across the interactive spectrum.”

The MIXX 2.6 Conference, Expo and Awards is the official Interactive event of Advertising Week 2006. For a full agenda visit

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