Monday, September 15, 1997

Industry Group Announces Endorsement

New York, NY - September 16 - The Internet Advertising Bureau's Media Measurement Task Force today published its "Metrics and Methodology" document and announced that it received endorsement from CASIE, the Coalition for Advertiser Supported Information and Entertainment. The document is designed to establish guidelines for the measurement of comparable online advertising data across Web sites.

"We are pleased that CASIE has joined us in supporting industry guidelines that will provide better communications between buyers and sellers," said Kate Everett-Thorp, IAB Director and Vice President of Crusader & Advertiser Programs, CNET: The Computer Network, who headed the 37 member IAB task force that produced the document. "Widespread adoption of these metrics will make advertising on the Web easier and more meaningful for both advertisers and publishers," Ms. Everett-Thorp added.

"The IAB media measurement guidelines define a clear, practical set of media metrics for online media which, as they are implemented, will lead to greater comparability among available measurement systems and a more rational media market for online media," said Jim Spaeth, President of CASIE.

"Metrics & Methodology" provides basic media measurement terminology that will be used by sites to report audience measurement and by third parties that verify site statistics. It also includes the metric used to define each term and an explanation of the methodology sites should use in gathering data.

A first draft of the IAB measurement guidelines was published earlier this year for industry-wide comment and review. "Response to the document was overwhelmingly positive," said Everett-Thorp.

"'Metrics and Methodology' provides a starting point for the industry with which we can finally measure online advertising on all sites in a comparable manner using technology that is available today," said Paul Grand, Chairman of NetCount and member of IAB's Technology committee. "As new technologies are developed and adopted, the IAB will continue to work with the industry to establish guidelines that ensure comparable measurement across all sites," Mr. Grand added.

The IAB Media Measurement Task Force includes representatives from leading Internet media companies, Internet measurement companies and providers of Internet advertising management software and services (see attached list.)

CASIE is a joint task force of the Association of National Advertisers, Inc. (ANA) and the American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) established in May, 1994 to create an environment where consumers have the broadest array of high quality interactive media options at the lowest possible cost. To accomplish this, CASIE believes that advertising revenue must be a key funding source for information and entertainment in the evolving world of interactive media.

Founded in 1996, the IAB is the first organization exclusively devoted to maximizing the use and effectiveness of advertising on the Internet. The organization's 200 plus members include leading Internet media companies, sales rep organizations, advertising networks, online service providers, accounting/audit services, ad management organizations, ad measurement services, marketing consultants, research providers, technology providers, advertising agencies and national advertisers.


Celia De Benedetti,
 @Home Network
Chris Evans, Accipiter
Tom Dubois, Accrue Software
Philip Werner, Art Technology Group
Peter Black, BPA Interactive
Kate Everett-Thorp, CNET:
 The Computer Network
Paul Hart, CNET: The Computer
Tom Hyland, Coopers & Lybrand
Mark Esiri, Cyber Dialogue
Kevin Mabley, Cyber Dialogue
John Megahed, Discovery
Elizabeth Hobby, Discovery
Jim Jones, Discovery
Teri Shaffer, Ernst & Young
Geoffrey Turner, Ernst & Young
Doug Weaver, Firefly Network, Inc.
Tim Reed, I/Pro


Ariel Polar, I/Pro
Susan Fry, LinkExchange
Bill Tonwsend, Lycos
Robert Kapela, Marketwave
Scott Chalfant, MatchLogic
Scott Moore, MSNBC
David Doyle,
Paul Grand, Netcount
James Conaghan, Newspaper Association of America
Douglas McFarland, PC Meter
Susan Feigenbaum, Playboy
Enterprises, Inc
Paul Lewis, Prodigy
Allen Goldberg, Relevant Knowledge
Patrick Brem, Starwave
Rich LeFurgy, Starwave
Todd Sims, Starwave
Stanley Wong, Yahoo
Alan Phillips, ZDNet
Scott Kerr, Ziff Davis Inc.
Jim Manning, Ziff Davis, Inc.


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