Thursday, June 12, 1997

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - June 12, 1997 - The Internet Advertising Bureau's Media Measurement Task Force announced today the completion of the first version of its "Metrics & Methodology" document. The document, which will be published for industry comment, is designed to provide the basis for creation of voluntary industry guidelines for the measurement of "comparable" data as it pertains to online advertising.

"The Internet advertising industry needs one common set of media measurement terms," said Kate Everett-Thorp, IAB Director and Vice President of Crusader & Advertiser Programs, CNET: The Computer Network, who headed the broad-based IAB task force that produced the document. "This is the basis for true apple-to-apple comparability that will make advertising on the web easier and more meaningful for advertisers and publishers."

The draft provides basic media measurement terminology and the metric that defines each term as well as the methodology sites use to generate the metric. These definitions will be used by sites to describe audience measurement and by third parties that verify site statistics. The IAB will continue to expand the document to reflect advances in Internet technology that affect advertising, Ms. Everett-Thorp said.

"Until now there have been different definitions for the same terms and lack of comparability. The IAB is taking the lead in addressing this problem as part of its commitment to make the Web a more user-friendly place for advertisers," Ms. Everett-Thorp added.

The IAB Metrics & Methodology document will be published on the IAB's new web site ( where members and other interested parties can register comments for incorporation in the final text.

The Media Measurement Task Force includes representatives from leading Internet media companies, Internet measurement companies and providers of Internet advertising management software and services.

The IAB, founded in June of 1996, is the first organization exclusively devoted to maximizing the use and effectiveness of advertising on the Internet. The organization's 200 members include leading Internet media companies, sales rep organizations, advertising networks, online service providers, accounting/audit services, ad management organizations, ad measurement services, marketing consultants, research providers, technology providers, advertising agencies and national advertisers.


Marla Nitke IAB
[email protected]