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Coverage from the Annual Meeting February 2008

General Coverage

Ad Age on IAB Annual Meeting
Jack Myer's on Day One
Ad Age 3 Minute Digital Video Minute featuring IAB President and CEO Randall Rothenberg
The Yankee Group Blog
New York Times on Randy Falco
CNN Money on Randy Falco
Silicon Alley Insider
Brandweek Front Page Story on both the Booz Allen Study and the IAB's Interactive Boot Camp
Click Z on PwC

Jerry Yang & Sue Decker

Wall Street Journal on Yang
Ad Week on Yahoo!
NY Times: Saul Hansell Bits on Yahoo!
NY Times: Saul Hansell Bits on Sue Decker and Jerry Yang
CNet's Elinor Mills on Yahoo!
Sue Decker's Blog on Yahoo!

On Yahoo! and Microsoft

Fortune Magazine on Yahoo!
Right Media Video Fireside Chat with Jerry Yang of Yahoo!
Biz Journals on Jerry Yang
Sue Decker's Blog 
New York Times on Yodeling
New York Times on Pork Bellies
All News Headlines on Microsoft Yahoo
AdWeek on Brian McAndrews of Microsoft
Microsoft's play for display: Buying Yahoo a major bet on a new boom in such advertising



CNet's Elinor Mills on Privacy
Paid Content on Privacy Guidelines
AgencySpy Blog on Privacy
MediaPost on Privacy
From Spain Info Bolsa
Media Week: PwC and Privacy
Adotas on Privacy

IAB Internet Advertising Revenue Report

AP on Ad Revenue Figures
Business Week
BtoB Online 
AHN (All News Headlines)
ClickZ on PwC
Marketing Vox
Tech Crunch


John Battelle on his Blog
Microsoft Press Release on Engagement Timed for our Annual Meeting

International News:

Exchange for Media
Epiphany Search
Brand Republic on Yahoo!
Guardian on Yahoo!
Direct Traffic Media