2014 International Breakfast

Illuminating the Global Challenges Facing the Industry

The breakfast took place at the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting in Palm Desert, CA


Digital advertising leaders from around the world attend the IAB Annual Leadership Meeting. Each year, as part of the program, Tuesday morning opens up with a special breakfast to cultivate international cooperation in addressing the global challenges facing the industry.

David Doty, EVP, CMO, and Head of International, IAB, opened the breakfast by welcoming over 20 representatives from 15 countries in attendance including the two newest IAB leaders—Chen Yong from the Interactive Internet Advertising Committee of China (IIACC) and IAB China and Jarred Cinman from IAB South Africa. These two new IABs now bring the IAB representation around the world to 43 countries. Doty emphasized IAB is stronger than ever before in working across borders in ways that it has never been able to do without the infrastructure of the IAB Global Network.

Alexandra Salomon, Senior Director International, IAB, then spoke of the importance of collaborating together and laid the groundwork for the two topics of conversation to be addressed during the breakfast—finding ways to collaborate to deliver insights on the growth of global around the world and fixing the digital supply chain.


Russ Sapienza, Partner, PwC, and Mike Altschul, Manager, PwC, then delivered PwC’s perspective of global growth of the digital advertising marketplace and the need to create new ways to communicate that growth. PwC predicts 46 markets will have double digit growth by 2017. And that growth goes far beyond the United States and United Kingdom.  14 key markets represent about 85% of total Internet ad revenue and would be critical to a global study. However, accurate data is still not being collected and reported in some of these most important markets including China, Japan, and South Korea. Through the cooperation of IAB leaders around the world, the promise of a true global digital advertising report can be achieved. It’s up to the people in the room to make it happen.

The room then engaged in a frank dialogue on handling trust across the digital supply chain. Just as digital media crosses borders, so does trust and distrust. Each market must ask what they are doing to be part of the solution and how can they work together with the IAB global network to advance this common interest.

Chris Mejia, Senior Director Advertising Technology, IAB, explained that trust in the value chain requires thinking about it in every aspect of your business. Mike Zaneis, EVP Public Policy & General Counsel, IAB, noted that fixing the supply chain is about education and trust. He cited the success of the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Program for Online Behavioral Advertising. Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, IAB, echoed these sentiments. He stated the need for an expectation that companies shouldn’t be doing business with anyone who compromises the privacy of consumers, the safety of brands, or the integrity of our industry.

Alexandra Salomon closed the meeting by promising to follow up on the next steps in tackling these critical issues for development of the digital advertising industry worldwide. The significant big meeting for the group is the IAB Global Summit to be held in New York on October 1 and 2. In the meantime, it’s exciting to see the international family of IABs increase in size, scope and capability.