IAB Global Summit 2013

Opportunities and Challenges in Digital Businesses, Innovation and Investments

Illuminating the most important global trends from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley, from London to Santiago, from Sydney to São Paolo

On September 25 and 26, 80 digital leaders from across the globe gathered in New York at the 2013 IAB Global Summit to share ideas, discuss trends, and pave a path forward for global growth. IABs from around the world were invited to bring their most influential corporate members to take part in the experience. This gathering, representing 27 countries from as far as New Zealand to as close as Canada, delivered insights into the challenges and ambitions in digital advertising throughout the world, helped advance the global IAB network, and addressed the most pressing common initiatives.

The Summit Opens

Randall Rothenberg, President & CEO, IAB, opened the meeting by stating that we are all should continue working to find better ways to collaborate, learn, and teach. More marketers want to work across international borders, he said. Rothenberg emphasized that we need to pay more attention than we ever have before to the internationalization of technical standards, guidelines, and best practices. To do so, we need to become strongly linked together to develop standards with a global view.

David Doty, EVP & CMO, IAB, added that the IAB Global Summit is a unique opportunity. There is no other global group like this, he said. Nowhere else in the world does there exist an organization that can be such a powerful agent of change for global marketing and media.

Doty then passed the microphone to the meeting’s master of ceremonies, Alexandra Salomon, Senior Director International, IAB. Salomon emphasized that throughout the day there will be three focal points: digital investment, digital innovation, and digital growth. She thanked the sponsors: Google and Sociomantic for making the IAB Global Summit possible. Salomon then introduced the day’s speakers.

Howard L. Morgan, Co-Founder & Partner, First Round Capital, broke down the global digital space from an investor’s point of view. Areas of focus for growth are mobile, social, image, video, and programmatic. But mobile carries across every investment. Mobile means advertising, he said. Morgan added that the growth in mobile will come from television.

Mark Renshaw, Chief Innovation Officer, Leo Burnett, shared some great examples of how doing something well is better than doing anything and everything. Brands are trying to solve for multiple constraints—crossing borders, driving clarity of brand, and being consumable. But rather than trying to solve every issue, brands should focus on what they can accomplish. Renshaw then showcased some of Leo Burnett’s finest accomplishments for brands such as Samsung, Tide, Mr. Clean, Max Factor, and more.

Following a networking break, courtesy of Google, the discussion turned toward privacy and policy as Jessica Rich, Director, Federal Trade Commission’s Bureau of Consumer Protection sat down for a chat with Mike Zaneis, SVP & General Counsel, IAB. Rich emphasized that the FTC’s goal is to address policy and regulation while encouraging innovation. We need to make sure consumers have trust in the marketplace, she said. Privacy is more important than ever as we move to a global economy and data needs to float across borders. It’s important that every country can assure data safety.

B. Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement, Mondelēz International, then took the stage to discuss the marketing goals of what he calls the world’s largest snacking company. He emphasized the importance of mobile. The iPhone alone has reached more people in two years than television did in 38 years, he said. At some point, every single product sold in grocery stores will be connected to the internet. With that said, Mondelēz is committed to moving 10 percent of all marketing spend into mobile.

Farrah Bezner, Marketing Director, US Trident Gum, Mondelēz International, then joined Bough to demonstrate ways that Trident is marketing around the world. She emphasized Trident’s need to engage with millennials and be on the screens they are on. She then presented two key Trident campaigns—their Trending 10 partnership with Fuse and Twitter, and the #paymeinlayers campaign.

Following a networking lunch, John Montgomery, COO, GroupM Interaction, North America, spoke about the inevitability of viewability. We are still at a point where an impression is not clearly defined and clients are uncomfortable, he said. How can we ask our clients to pay on impressions that are not viewed?

Neal Mohan, Vice President, Display Advertising Products, Google, then sat down for a fireside chat with Randall Rothenberg. The change in our industry has never been faster with mobile and programmatic, and the technology needs to keep up with it, said Mohan. He emphasized that publishers need to focus on their businesses in order to stay on top. They should not have to be technology experts. Rothenberg then turned the conversation to building brands, asking how digital cracks that very complicated nut. Mohan emphasized that we need to prove the efficacy of the medium from a brand-building standpoint. The first step is seeing if an ad reached the right audience – viewability. Then, we need to deliver real-time brand lift metrics. What is the click for brands, he asked.

Dave Jacobs, SVP, Publisher Services, AOL Networks, and Tom Davis, CMO, Forbes, then joined Rob Rasko, Founder & Managing Partner, 614 Group, for a frank discussion titled Native Advertising and Programmatic Buying: Barbells and Strong Strategies. The barbell strategy has creative services on one side, programmatic on the other, and data and analytics in the middle, said Rasko. Davis defined native as marketers using the same tools and playing by same rules as the host site’s editorial staff. Jacobs then emphasized the need for key client facing teams to understand the rules and technologies behind both native and programmatic so they can effectively communicate it.

The day wrapped up with IAB leaders providing a market snapshot of their regions, highlighting achievements and outlining opportunities for growth. Alice Manners, CEO, IAB Australia, discussed Australia and Asia/Pacific. Guy Phillipson, CEO, IAB UK, gave an overview of IAB Europe’s ADEX benchmark advertising revenue report. Didier Ongena, Treasurer, IAB Europe, and Thomas Schauf, Head of European & International Affairs, BVDW, discussed key drivers for growth in Europe. Gabriel Richaud, Director, IAB Mexico, broke down Latin America and Chris Williams, President, IAB Canada, delivered a detailed look at the Canadian marketplace.

Day One Concludes

Doty and Salomon ended the day by summarizing the learnings and inspirational ideas generated, and congratulated everyone for their passionate commitment to the interactive advertising industry. Attendees then made their way to dinner at Robert at Museum of Art & Design, sponsored by Google, for an evening of food, drink, and fun backed by a view of Central Park.

Day Two Opens

Day two of the Global Summit opened with breakfast courtesy of Sociomantic. Randall Rothenberg then kicked off the discussion by stating that it’s now time for everyone to talk about relating to each other and think through how everyone in the room can learn from each other. Alexandra Salomon added that the focus of the event would shift to operations and how to make global-to-global something that feels local.

Anne Frisbie

Jon Mew

Julie Van Ullen

Lisa Milgram

Simona Zanette

Anne Frisbie, VP & GM of Global Supply, InMobi, declared that the mobile-first world has arrived. We just haven’t accepted it yet. In nearly two years, 80% of all digital activity will be on mobile devices, she said. A year from now, the majority of brands and publishers will have most of their activity focused on mobile, and mobile will leverage Big Data for worldwide audience targeting at scale.

Jon Mew, Director of Mobile & Operations, IAB UK, and Anna Bager, Vice President and General Manager, Mobile Marketing Center of Excellence, IAB, then outlined what their organizations are focused on in the mobile world. Global challenges of privacy, tracking, creativity, standards, monetization, and education for agencies, brands and consumers took top billing.

Julie Van Ullen, VP Member Services, IAB, discussed IAB work in digital video and the Digital Content NewFronts. There is massive growth in digital video. Original digital video viewing now compares to the viewing of television online, she said. Van Ullen also pointed out how IAB is enabling video growth with the IAB Video Suite standards—VAST, VPAID, and VMAP.

Michael Theodore, VP Training and Development, IAB, spoke about education and the revenue opportunities that can come through training and development. IAB Certification programs now have worldwide testing facilities, he said. The new Ad Ops Certification is available for not only publishers, but agencies and marketers as well. Through training and revenue sharing, there are opportunities for IABs around the globe to add addition streams of income.

Lisa Milgram, VP Events, IAB, and Gina Imperato, Program Consultant & IAB MIXX Awards Executive Producer, then spoke about the IAB MIXX Awards—the history of the program, how it’s grown, and how it benefits the IAB. Milgram emphasized that the program is a major touch point for brands and agencies, providing immense value to the organization. Simona Zanette, President Board of Directors, IAB Italy, then outlined how she’s built an IAB MIXX Awards program in Italy and created a revenue stream for her organization in the process.

The Summit Concludes

Alexandra Salomon brought the two-day meeting to a close by breaking up attendees into specific focus groups for further discussion on three key topics: Measurement, Mobile, and IAB Operations.

The 2013 IAB Global Summit showed the value of the IAB global network’s full potential, paving the way for more cooperation. It is through this cooperation that IABs around the globe and their members will drive growth in digital around the world.

Tweets from the IAB Global Summit