2007 Annual Report


Our Mission

The Interactive Advertising Bureau is dedicated to the continuing growth of the interactive advertising marketplace, of interactive’s share of total marketing spend, and of our members’ share of total marketing spend.

A Letter from Randall Rothenberg

Two-thousand-and-seven will be remembered as the year that the Chief Marketing Officers of America’s largest companies stood up, looked outside their offi ce windows, and said, “It happened!”  Their world was rocked—and the member companies of the Interactive Advertising
Bureau rolled with them.

Marketers and agencies started clamoring for digital video offerings that would engage consumers—and we provided it for them. They wanted effective ways to reach the “long tail” of the Web—and we gave scalable offerings. They wanted a supply chain that’s more transparent, less complex, and less costly—and they accepted our invitation to IAB create it. They wanted to apply social media to their marketing efforts—and we showed them how. The result: exponential quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year growth that proves interactive media have become the fulcrum on which every marketing strategy is balanced. The marketing-media ecosystem has come to recognize that interactive funnel, because it reaches consumers in ways and places they want

All that market activity made my first year in office as the President and CEO of the IAB challenging, stimulating and rewarding. I am extremely proud of our accomplishments over the past year and look forward to continued growth as, together, we solidify interactive’s rightful position as a mainstream medium. As the industry has evolved and as all advertising and marketing become digital, the IAB has been called to play a more formal educational role to ensure that “digital immigrants” are as knowledgeable as the “digital natives.” Indeed across the course of 2007 and into 2008 the IAB has been at the center of convening publishers, advertisers and agencies to understand more fully the ecosystem and leverage its full potential.

Together, we have focused on how to build interactive into the most transparent and accountable
medium. We have organized cross-industry working groups to address the most pressing challenges (like audience measurement and impression discrepancies), and we have initiated an educational campaign—aimed at legislators, regulators, and the general public—around the value of the ad-supported Internet to our economy, and to our lives.

You, our members, can depend on the IAB to remain focused on building this industry and its potential. During the next year, you will see us emerge with new recommendations for business processes between agencies and publishers; forge ahead to create new consistency and transparency in audience measurement; train marketers and agencies on the use of interactive media to develop actionable consumer insights; establish principles and mechanisms to assure that consumers’ privacy is respected; launch new forums for emerging platforms to educate marketers and agencies about their value; and work with our members to educate the FTC and Congress about the new interactive tools that improve consumers’ lives, enhance consumer control and build the U.S. economy.

Collaboratively we will create a world-class medium that will have a solid foundation for long-term growth and even greater success.

I would personally like to thank the IAB Board, our members and the industry as a whole for their support and commitment and look forward to working together in 2008 and beyond.

Randall Rothenberg
President and CEO, Interactive Advertising Bureau