45 Million Reasons and Counting to Check Out the Digital Content NewFronts

With a week of Digital Content NewFronts presentations from internet publishing and media powerhouses kicking off today, the IAB has released “45 Million Reasons and Counting to Check Out the NewFronts,” an in-depth research study focused on the growing reach and impact of digital video – revealing that original professional online video captures the attention of 45 million U.S. viewers per month.

The study was conducted in partnership with GfK and surveyed over 2400 people, representing the U.S. adult population in order to identify and question over 1000 avid video viewers that screen programming across various platforms. The results clearly demonstrate that original professional online video programming is hitting strong benchmarks when compared to traditional television. Receptivity to marketing messages during original professional online video was directly in line with consumer ad receptiveness while watching primetime television programming on a regular TV set. Plus, those surveyed who view both primetime TV and original professional online video cited viewing new, unique content and flexible screening times as preferable aspects of original professional online video over primetime television viewing.

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