Standing Out with Mobile: The Specialty of Mobile Marketing & Advertising Webinar

Mobile advertising has achieved scale, with more than 49 million mobile Web users in the US each month and click-through-rates (CTR) 10 times higher than traditional online advertising on the PC Internet. Mobile offers the unique ability to engage a broad demographic of consumers with rich advertising experiences that deliver effective engagement on the device that is always with them. The rapid growth of smartphones, with the iPhone at the forefront, enables advertisers to connect with high net-worth, tech-savvy consumers through compelling ad formats that take advantage of these powerful devices. Learn from mobile experts and member company, AdMob, about the reach of this dynamic and effective advertising medium and how to best employ it to achieve meaningful and measurable results. Presented by Tony Nethercutt, AdMob’s VP of Sales, & Mike Fyall, AdMob’s Manager of Product Marketing.