The Future of News: Making Money with the Mass Media

It's no news that most traditional news organizations are bemoaning the loss of readers and advertisers, the news industry is undergoing enormous financial stresses, and that the future of news appears to be interactive. But where will the money come from? Two long-standing news organizations are taking pro-active steps to ensure their financial future: The New York Times and the Associated Press.

Learn how these industry leaders plan to reshape the future of news while making money at the same time.

How is technology changing production and delivery of news and advertising, and the relationship between the consumer and the content? Time was when everyone considered content as king, but is content alone enough to draw eyeballs and — more important — dollars to interactive platforms as far as news content is concerned?

Is the audience for news really shrinking or growing? Are advertisers following the news organizations online? What will the newspaper and the news services of the next decade look like?

Join the IAB, the Associated Press and the New York Times for a provocative hour-long webinar on "The Future of News: Making Money with the Mass Media," Wednesday, March 11 at 12pm EST.