Spiders & Bots - Recommendations for Changes


List modifications may be recommended by any entity including non-IAB members. Please forward requests to [email protected].

Adding Entries to the list:
To add an entry to the list, the following must be provided (or enough of the following to allow for reasonable justification of the robot’s addition to the list):

Your Email Address * 
The complete user-agent string of the suspected robot * 
Any IP addresses associated with the robot * 
A sample of log file large enough to demonstrate the activity pattern of the robot * 
A copy of any commercial or other publicly (or privately) available evidence that will support the existence, source and owner of the robot * 
A written description of arguments supporting the addition of the robot to the list * 
Evidence supporting the categorization of the robot (commercial vs. personal) * 
Any other pertinent data which was collected by recommending entity